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Nicholas II and spirits - the truth and fiction

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    Emperor Nicholas II - one of the most controversial figures in Russian history. His image is so confused that, as the saying goes, "no 100 grams and will not understand", so please buy an inexpensive moonshine from companies CHZDA and cook fragrant invigorating drink with his own hands.

     It is known that the Emperor Nicholas II had numerous supporters and opponents, both among his contemporaries and historians of a later period. Drinking autocrat fully defined political positions are measured.

     Those who opposed the original path of development of the Russian state, negatively evaluated and autocracy symbol - the emperor. They also bestowed the title of the ruler of alcoholic and libertine, attributing to him the most striking features, so stereotypically characterizing the Russian people.

     However, approximate Nicholas II spoke of the great policy in a positive way. Many well-known figures of the early twentieth century, the emperor remembered as a responsible and wise ruler, highly moral man, an exemplary family man and an admirer of Christian values.

Favorite drink Nicholas II

     Today, few people know that the emperor's favorite alcoholic beverage was the Crimean port. Politician loved him as much as Yalta - a city that Nicholas II always wanted to make the capital of the Russian Empire. The last Russian autocrat treated for alcohol with respect and care, trying to comply with the measure. However, in 1906, in his diary, he wrote: "I tried six varieties of port wine and a little nadryzgalsya why sleeping well." Also, Nicholas II had a strong attachment and tobacco.

     By purchasing a high-quality, low-cost producer of moonshine CHZDA, you can recreate the legendary taste, so beloved by the famous ruler. By adding pure moonshine flavoring concentrate or overtaking Braga on the basis of the Crimean grapes, you get the opportunity to enjoy the process of home brewing and prepare a drink that contains a story about the tragic and at the same time significant for the Russian Empire.


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