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Frank Sinatra: creativity and alcohol as a way of life, a long and happy

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    Frank Sinatra, without exaggeration, everyone knows - the iconic American singer, actor and director, will long be remembered not only the people of America, but also around the world. His contribution to music culture is immeasurable: Sinatra's hits and today enthusiastically welcomed as a modern design, as well as in the classical recording.

     Sinatra lived a long and happy life. And has not received a complete education, he does what he likes, he may receive from this endless fun and nothing does not deny. His inimitable "velvety" baritone conquered the hearts of listeners, and thanks to him the executor goodbye any tricks.

     Sinatra for a minute did not change their hobbies and favorite pastime - owned casinos, spun in a society mafia and prostitutes, bribed police and, of course, drinking. Alcohol has always accompanied the singer and everywhere - "in sorrow and in joy" at home, in the bar and on the stage, from dusk to dawn. It should be noted that the peak of a career of Frank Sinatra coincided with the peak of his alcoholism - whether their beloved whiskey muse and source of inspiration?

     Unlike many famous alcoholics, Sinatra never suffered from his drunkenness - he drank almost constantly, was not treated for alcoholism, not go to the doctor. He was getting pleasure from eating delicious drinks, comparable, perhaps, only from drinking home brew prepared with their own hands.

     The alcoholic "life" of Frank Sinatra and the breaks have occurred, but they were not caused profound shock, as it happens in many heavy drinkers. On the contrary, "Mr. Blue Eyes" invariably drowned sorrows in a glass of whiskey, and with great pleasure to share with the noble drink of joy and success. Remarkably, Sinatra almost always kept himself in his hands - and he drank a lot of time, but without excessive fanaticism. Only after the stunning success of the film "Ocean's 11" Frankie let himself completely relax and plunge into the bustling nightlife.

     The most loyal were drinking buddies Sinatra Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin, fully shares the views of the legends of music and cinema of the twentieth century. Peel Sinatra and Peter Lawford, but only because that till 1984, was son in law of President Kennedy. Probably, this is the recipe for a happy life - a favorite thing, loyal friends and qualitative alcohol.

Favorite drink Frank Sinatra

     Perhaps the recipe for a happy life to each his own, but the recipe is a favorite beverage of Frank Sinatra is known in detail. The name of the cocktail, and its structure is covered - "Two sevens" and the recipe is very simple: put in a glass a couple of ice cubes, pour generously 7 Crown Bourbon whiskey and add some 7 Up soda. The combination of this uncomplicated cocktail cigarettes Lucky Strike, the lights of Las Vegas and the pleasant company of beautiful girls gave the iconic performer most vivid emotions throughout life.

     Prepare a drink Sinatra to one (or more than one?) Evening feel famous alkogeniem and enjoy a pleasant pastime with friends, you can at home, buying a reliable moonshine CHZDA from producer.
Armed with high-quality distiller, lively enthusiasm and a recipe based on American bourbon brew, you can surprise your friends and loved ones an amazing drink made with their own hands. Having made home brew on the unique recipe, presented on our site, you will certainly appreciate the cocktail Frank Sinatra.

"Two sevens" at home

     An important condition for the preparation of cocktails, "Two sevens" - excellent American whiskey. Cook it on the basis of home-brew is not difficult if you use high-quality raw material and follow exactly the process. The main difference from other bourbon whiskeys - the presence in the corn flour, which gives the drink a rich, tart taste and luxury. Also, do not forget to buy a good malt to your taste - barley, rye or wheat. And, of course, take care of the presence of oak barrels, which will give your drink a noble taste of expensive American bourbon.

     Perhaps the only drawback of home brewing - the need for weeks or even months to wait for the time of full readiness exclusive liqueurs. Undoubtedly, much easier to buy bourbon in the store, and today open a treasured bottle, but nothing compares to the joy that you experience, having tried a welcome drink made with their own hands.

     Home brew will open before you the amazing possibilities - you can not only enjoy the exclusive drink "two seven" under the immortal hits of the legendary baritone, but also gain a fascinating hobby. High-quality home-brew and good music - that can be the best solution for the peace of the evening?


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