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Moonshine: from the beginnings to the present. How to buy moonshine in Moscow

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    Brewing - traditional Russian occupation which was an excellent source of revenue and today remains a traditional hobby, able not only to deliver the pleasure of work, but also to please themselves and guests of the elite alcoholic beverages. To do this you need only buy moonshine in Moscow, inexpensive and follow original recipes, time-tested.

      History of vodka in Russia dates back to XVIveke and his father Ivan Groznogo.Imenno consider this famous Russian ruler opened the first tavern in Moscow, where frequent guests were wealthy nobles and senior government officials. Of course, what the public, and such a treat - moonshine while the highest quality. For its production to use pure spring water, yeast and secular frost rye. In the process of distillation disappeared almost all feedstocks, resulting in a very strong and full-bodied infusion. To clean the used oak, birch or fake coals and sometimes drink was frozen in special barrels.
When the Russian nobility appreciated the great taste of moonshine, moonshine was massively organized in all big estates. Every household produced alcohol with its own unique name, usually including the owner's name: for example, vodka Sheremetievs.

     High quality Russian vodka in those years was recognized even in Europe and found it better than traditional French brandy and Scotch whiskey. Catherine IIprepodnosila drink as a gift to emperors and kings of Europe.
For a long time the common people could not afford a pleasure to use and, especially, to make moonshine because of its high cost. The peasants drank cheap varieties of moonshine vodka or overseas. However, with the abolition of serfdom, everything changed: the people had the opportunity to increase their income, and alcohol industry began to develop rapidly. Profit from brewing good filled up the state treasury, but has gradually decreased the quality of raw materials and finished beverages. With the adoption of the "dry law" the individual production of this type of alcohol in the Soviet Union increased by several times. Also changed the shape moonshine - they are much smaller and more compact, and their modern versions of today are presented in the online store moonshine in Moscow.
Moonshine today: a tradition

     If you appreciate luxury high-quality alcoholic drinks and want to touch the great history of Russia, buying moonshine in Moscow will be the best solution. Self-selecting quality raw materials, experimenting with recipes and techniques, you can indulge yourself and your guests a refined strong moonshine, indispensable to any meal. Online store offers to buy inexpensive CHZDA moonshine in Moscow by leading Russian manufacturer who can give you a fascinating hobby and authentic product please even the most discerning gourmet.


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