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Culture brewing - whether the rules of the use of home-brew?

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    Moonshine, prepared with the help of distillation machines from the manufacturer, is a pure drink that has a divine taste and resistant finish. In this case we are not talking about the drinks, which are prepared from readily available funds and are called "pervach" but about this cognac, whiskey, homemade liquor.

     Today on the websites of manufacturers moonshine can find numerous recipes for home-made beer and home brew, using which you can do in just a few hours, a few liters of delicious drinks. Indeed, a good brew is considered to be very good and in no way inferior to the elite alcohol. But the real fun can be obtained only if you drink home brew properly.

How and what to drink home brew?

     Moonshine in the home is made from natural ingredients and distillery yeast, through which the drink gets a unique taste. The process of making homemade brandy or liqueur with the help of moonshine from the manufacturer assumes the double distillation of raw materials and complete cleaning of fusel oils in the final product. That is why the real moonshine is considered safe, but the first thing you need to remember - in any case it is impossible to try to "pervach" - a product of the first distillation, as it is very harmful.

     The final product after redistillation better to drink cold - so you will experience all the flavors of home brew. With regard to snacks, it should be selected based on a prescription brew through which the drink was prepared. For example, the notes of cognac, you get a feeling of home, if you drink it with bitter chocolate. Liquor, cooked to a distillation apparatus, a perfect match with any sweets, but for a classic home-brew better suited boiled potatoes, bacon and traditional pickles.

     And of course, the basic rule to be followed in the use of any alcoholic drinks - in moderation. Whatever the quality and a good brew home-made by its abuse may have symptoms of a hangover. To avoid this, keep the measure and enjoy the unique taste of the elite alcohol.


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