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Factory hootch still against improvised: who wins?

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    If you are a true foodie and love to taste delicious alcoholic beverages, modern hootch still - this is what you need. With their help you will be able to prepare their own elite alcohol, using only natural ingredients for this. So, you're sure to eat a high quality product without harmful impurities, it is absolutely safe for health.

     However, before you buy hootch still cheap, we recommend that you learn the principle of his actions. In the catalog online store CHZDA a wide range of different models of distillation units that have individual structural differences, as well as the scope and performance. But at the same time, the principle of their action is similar.

How does distiller?

     Every person who wants to buy hootch still inexpensive, certainly will be interesting to find out how it works. This device is an alembic which serves to obtain a strong alcohol-containing high purity liquid by driving of mash from natural ingredients using alcohol.

     During distillation of wash ethanol is separated from the water and fusel oils, resulting in a pure alcohol-containing beverage having a pleasant flavor and mild action.

     Brewed apparatus consists of a cube, and the coil vessel for the final product. In alembic liquid is heated to boiling temperature and then is supplied to the coil, where it is carried further cooling and separating fusel oil entering the tank as brew.

Buy hootch still

     The distillation unit can buy from the online store CHZDA. We have a decent selection of moonshine, which are of high quality and performance. Models presented various sizes - from 10 to 30 liters.

     By selecting any of them, you get to the manufacture of homemade alcohol to the extent that you require. the process of preparation of alcoholic drinks I do not take much time, which is a huge advantage factory hootch still.


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