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Day of forest workers - time for a drink!

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    The third Sunday of September - an excellent opportunity to sit in good company over a glass of pure moonshine, because on that day, the Day of the forester annually. Foresters and bootleggers - people connected with each other historically. For centuries, people put moonshine in the dense forests, but the "keepers" of the forest has always found a safe shelter even device.

     Times have changed, and today anyone can buy moonshine "Gorilych" cook excellent drink and call a friend to visit the forester, to celebrate together the joy professional holiday.
In addition, it is forest products allow us to achieve the original flavor combinations in the home moonshining - without the daily work of foresters, we would not be able to enjoy the wonderful berry and herbal tea. Therefore the duty of every moonshiner that day - thank foresters for their work, or at least, do not forget to drink to have a hundred grams of home brew.

How to celebrate the Day of the forester in Russia?

     Protection and development of forest plantations pay special attention not only in Russia but also in CIS countries. Day of the forest industry, every third Sunday of September, celebrated in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. On this day, the celebrations are held in each organization associated with the development of the forest, foresters accept congratulations from the heads of districts and regions.

     Traditionally, the forester's Day competitions among loggers and forest fire teams are awarded prizes for professional achievements, and this - a good reason to enjoy a friendly team, to celebrate the victory of their team or individual colleagues. If you are lucky enough to work in the timber sector, you should be sure to buy moonshine and master exciting homemade moonshine - colleagues will be grateful!

     If you are far from romantic profession forester, then the best choice would be to spend this Sunday in nature - warm September weather could not be better for a mental rest with barbecue and home brew! Prepare the original tincture of herbs and berries and drink for hard, but a significant labor Russian foresters.

     Remember that the best way to celebrate this holiday - to plant a tree with their hands: you will not only do good work for his native land, but also to leave behind something eternal and meaningful. And this - another good reason to drink!
Find an excuse to drink - not a problem to find a good excuse to drink - much more difficult. Day forester - is the case when one sip of alcohol is absolutely justified, because the "keepers" of the forest worthy of respect and reverence for their work, allowing us to breathe fresh air and always enjoy life in the "green" the beautiful country.


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