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Hootch still - at home mini-bar

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    The history of brewing dates back several centuries. Even some fifty years ago, an inherent part of each private home was hootch still. With it, people produced a quality alcohol, which at that time was the main settlement currency.
     However, when alcohol began to produce on an industrial scale to drive home brew, it was forbidden and those who worked on this subject to administrative liability.
     With the advent of the new millennium, our citizens once again have the opportunity to prepare alcoholic beverages at home. Moreover, the market appeared improved models moonshine, which device facilitates and accelerates the process. In this regard, for many years the most important question is how to buy moonshine?

How to choose the device for brewing?

     Today buy cheap moonshine can each person. Numerous models that differ in volume of the cube and the distillation capacity, in the catalog of the plant Chelyabinsk distillation apparatus. However, before you buy moonshine, you should carefully understand its characteristics and possibilities. When selecting equipment for making moonshine should pay attention to:
  • Quality steel - distillation apparatus must be made of stainless steel with a wall thickness of not less than 2 millimeters;
  • The volume of the cube - modern models are equipped with a distillation cube volume of 12 to 30 liters;
  • The design of the steam drum - our cheap moonshine steam drum equipped with a valve for the removal of waste. This ensures the highest quality of the final product.

Here you can buy cheap moonshine, and choose a model that will best meet your needs.

Buy or not buy hootch still?

    Buy hootch still or not to buy, you have to decide. However, if you care about your health and want to pamper yourself and your family with quality and delicious alcoholic beverages, it is still better to buy a distillation apparatus.
       Eating drinks home of origin you are one hundred percent will be assured of a high quality brew. Alcohol produced in industrial conditions is rarely really good. Moreover, in some cases it is even dangerous for health. Therefore, if you do not want to take risks - buy moonshine and enjoy delicious homemade alcohol.


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