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Home cognac: how to make the original drink based on vodka

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    This French cognac - it's a great drink, perfectly complementing any event, an informal meeting or a soulful evening with friends. Create a drink at home is almost impossible, but as close as possible to prepare an analog is quite real.

     Home brandy, cooked with a soul, will impress any visitor, in addition, you will be able to experiment with its taste and aroma, achieving the perfect balance.

     An important condition for the creation of high-quality domestic brandy - a reliable moonshine and good raw materials. If you want to achieve more saturated taste and bright flavor, a good solution would be to buy oak barrels of moonshine.

Ingredients for homemade brandy

     Moonshine - is not just a process of brew boiling it - a special art, a fascinating hobby, in which to invest the soul. The only way you will be able to count on a perfect result, which will please you and your loved ones. For the manufacture of brandy at home, please be patient and positive attitude. In addition, you will need:

• 3 liters of clean brew;
• 1 tbsp. l. Natural black tea;
• 1 tbsp. l. partitions of walnuts;
• 5-6 cloves buds;
• 1 hour. L. cumin;
• 1 tbsp. l. vanilla sugar;
• 3 g of citric acid;
• 2-3 potassium permanganate crystals.

Recipe for homemade brandy

     To prepare the brandy, pour the brew into a clean container and dilute potassium permanganate in it - so you turn fusel oil in the sediment. Then, add the cloves, the partition of the nuts and tea leaves and stir. After Stir in cumin and vanilla, mix well again. After the addition of citric acid, close the bottle and leave it for five days in a dark warm place. After this period, the resulting brew strain through a fine sieve and pour into bottles for convenient storage. Now you can enjoy the rich taste of domestic brandy!

     This recipe is based on vodka is "classical", but also pay attention to the original combination with oak bark, milk, chocolate, prunes or rosehip - Treat yourself and your guests an exclusive drink, cooked with his own hands!


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