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Home-brew: recipes for the best spirits

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    Elite alcoholic drinks, of course, are bright, intense flavor and taste them - a real pleasure. But in recent years, buying even the most expensive and elite drink can not be sure that I get really high-quality product.

     In this regard, today is the urgent question of buying moonshine. With this easy-to-use device everyone will be able to cook delicious alcoholic beverages, using available ingredients. Buy the ingredients for home brew can be in Moscow, Chelyabinsk and other Russian cities, if an order with delivery online store CHZDA.

     Home brew is not a new trend, or something unusual for the citizens of our state. In Russia, has long been home brewed moonshine and used the drink for the purpose of use, or as payment for the work, service or product. That is why we have come to the best recipes of moonshine at home, which can take advantage of anyone.

The best recipes of home-brew.

     There is a huge variety of recipes for home-brew at home. The best of them are collected in separate publications, which are equipped with modern moonshine Gorilych. If we make an analysis of all the recipes, we can highlight the following:
  • Moonshine sugar - everything you need to prepare a home-brew, it is water, yeast and sugar. Ingredients are loaded into the alembic and the machine is started. After a couple of hours you will have a few liters of delicious alcohol;
  • Moonshine from the starch - has a unique, unique taste. In addition, you can add starch malt sprouts and various enzymes. This will help prepare the drink much faster;
  • Drink fruit and berry - the most common type of moonshine. It is like the fairer half of humanity for a smooth taste and sweet aroma. These drinks have a bright flavors of the fruits and berries from which they are cooked.

     Generally moonshine recipes at home hundreds. You can not use a particular recipe, but to develop their own, unique drink. Try, experiment and create your own alcoholic beverages, which will pamper your friends!


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