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Brewing: basic element of moonshine

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    Brewing is a product of fermentation of yeast and the wort sugar, wherein the formed alcohol, carbon dioxide and other by-purged. In the process of brewing distilled using moonshine.

     To properly put Braga, it is important to choose good ingredients and follow exactly the sequence of actions specified in the recipe. Choosing ingredients, pay special attention to their quality, because it affects the taste and aromatic properties of the finished tincture. Classic recipe includes mash yeast alcohol, sugar and water.

There are two basic technology brewing:

saturation of aromatic additives in the fermentation process;
refinement of the finished beverage distillation, implying the use of pure sugar base.

The classic recipe for home-made beer

To prepare the home-made beer on the simplest recipe, you will need:

• 400 grams of yeast;
• 4 kg + 100 g of sugar;
• 4 liters + 0.5 liter of water.

     To begin, prepare yeast: it dissolve 100 grams of sugar in a pint of warm water, add the yeast and put in a warm place for a couple of hours. During this time the solution to stir periodically active foam.
While the yeast rise, enjoy a cooking of the wort: Stir 4 kilograms of sugar in 4 liters of water at room temperature. When the yeast solution is ready, add it to the wort and the resulting mixture was put in a warm place for fermentation. Try to monitor the air temperature within 35 ° - otherwise the fermentation product may not be possible.
     Remember that in the process of fermentation the composition tends to rise, so contemplate a larger container. Maintain Braga for 7 days until the liquid brighten formed yeast sediment and carbon dioxide evolution ceased. In various cases, it may take 3 to 14 days. Drain sediment immediately before by distillation of moonshine is not necessary - it contains a lot of alcohol, which can greatly affect the final alcohol yield.

     The classic recipe for home-made beer is to receive a pure end product, not burdened with additional flavors. If you want to experiment with taste, you can pay attention to home brew recipes with jam, coffee, cocoa, berries, fruit, candy, cream, bread and cereals.


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