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What yeast brew choose?

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    Alcoholic beverages are an integral part of Russian culture. Modern humans are an endless variety of alcohol, as they say, for every taste and color. However, not all drinks are called quality and their use brings a real pleasure.

     Realizing that reasonable people en masse buy hooch from the manufacturer and master the basics of cooking brew at home. As a rule, modern distillation apparatuses are sold complete with a recipe book, having studied that everyone can prepare their own homemade brandy, whiskey or liquor. The main thing is to choose the alcohol yeast. In fact, how to do it properly, you need to understand in more detail.

What are the yeast to brew?

     Moonshine - is an art, and how do you master them, depends on the final result. If you want to enjoy the unique taste of home brew, just buy hooch from the manufacturer, is not enough. It is necessary to carefully examine the brew recipes, choose the most suitable and choose the ingredients. One - yeast alcohol. To prepare delicious home brew can be used:
  • Baker's yeast - suitable for the preparation of the "bread brew at home." In addition to yeast used ingredients such as barley, rye, wheat, corn, peas, and water;
  • Wine yeast - yeast alcohol intended for brewing. Since the stores they are expensive, you can prepare them at home, putting Braga from wet pomace;
  • Brewer's yeast - they are also prepared at home, using beer, water, sugar and flour. Brewer's yeast is sold in pharmacies are the dietary supplement and is not suitable for a brew at home.

     Of course, alcohol yeast, cooked at home, are an essential ingredient for home-brew. But if you do not have time for their preparation, it is possible to go to one of the specialized shops and buy a ready-made set of ingredients for homemade brandy, whiskey and liqueur, which already includes alcohol yeast.


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