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What should I do if the instruction manual is lost moonshine? Find it on the Internet!

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    Despite the anti-alcohol propaganda, the number of true connoisseurs of elite drinks is increasing every day. In this case we are talking about pure and tasty connoisseurs of alcohol, rather than low-grade amateur drinks.

     Some people, to be pampered favorite whiskey, brandy or liqueur, are sent to a specialized sales point, which, incidentally, is not safe, given the lack of quality of store alcohol. Others received more wisely - decide to buy moonshine and learn the basics of manufacturing alcoholic beverages at home.

     In the online store selling CHZDA factory, and, consequently, high-quality and durable moonshine, complete with that necessarily goes instruction manual. But in some cases, instructions for use moonshine becomes unusable or is lost. And there is nothing wrong, because the necessary information about the recommendations for use can be found on the official website of moonshine.

How to use domestic moonshine?

     In the production of special admixtures and compositions used moonshine Gorilych and other brands. To get rid of them is recommended when you first use the installation to make the distillation of water. After distillation, the water should be drained and pour through the neck into the tank already prepared wort - Braga. In accordance with the instruction manual moonshine, do not fill the tank completely - the recommended amount of 70 percent of the total distillation capacity of the cube.

     Further, the cover must be tightly closed, install the cooler and steam-dome. Complete with special settings is a flexible hose, which must be connected to the nozzle at one end and to the water tap another. You can then load the rest of the ingredients and to establish a program of manufacturing of moonshine. It is recommended not to bring the starting material to a boil - the optimal heating temperature - not above 90 degrees. After reaching this temperature indicator to include the supply of tap water for cooling. The first fraction of distillate (approximately 1.5% of the total volume of wash) should be drained, because it may contain harmful substances in it - in common parlance it is called a branch of "heads". Then begins the collection of the "body" - for the sake of what is conceived and the whole process. The total volume of the final distillate is about 40% strength is approximately 25 percent of the total amount of wash, provided that it was originally castle 12 degrees.


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