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If you drink - it wisely! The argument about the pros and cons, the dangers and benefits, advantages and disadvantages of spirits of own production.

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    If you - fundamentally non-drinking man, confident in the fact that alcohol - absolute evil, then you have no reason to read this article. If you do not drink alcohol, not only in good company, but consider yourself smarter than most of the leading physicians of different directions that recommend small doses of alcohol for health and longevity - even more so. Our article, sorry, not for nerds and know-alls - the text written for the living, normal people living vibrant and full life and love a drink in good company!

     Subject articles - the argument about the pros and cons, the dangers and benefits, advantages and disadvantages of spirits of own production. Yes, that's right - about moonshine and moonshine!

And who does not drink?

     This perennial question posed unique hero Leonid armor in the film "Pokrovsky Gates" is very interesting. After all, in fact, alcohol use people of various nationalities, professions, social status and so on and so forth.
It's not a question of what we need to drink every day, and more. Of course, we are not advocates of drunken lifestyle. And at the same time (now the champions of all crystal sobriety nervously skukozhatsya) we are not bigots and we take the liberty to say that the hysterical cries about the dangers of alcohol, to put it mildly, exaggerated. A few simple examples. Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister called his countrymen the most worthy representatives of the nation. He did not just liked to drink - he, in fact, was an alcoholic who did not leave with a bottle. This did not prevent him several decades to be one of the key persons of the state, time to take the highest post in Great Britain, to become one of the main participants in the Yalta Conference ... and live to be ninety years old! By the way, since the theme of this article refers to brew, Churchill preferred whiskey. And all the experts know this drink - the more it "moonshine" flavor - better quality!

      "Live" example of our contemporaries - Andrei Makarevich, which produces richly illustrated books on alcohol and alcoholic about his experiences. In an interview with the "Names" he says bluntly - "Let anyone try to out-drink me!". That does not prevent him to be not only one of the most prominent and prolific musicians and poets of Russia, but also an artist and diver!
Let's look at the other side of the coin. One of the most famous people in the world, the founder and boss of Apple Steve Jobs was a champion only correct way of life, prefer fruits and fresh juices. He lived 56 years. He died from pancreatic cancer - that of the disease, which frighten, along with liver cirrhosis, and all those who like to live a fun, breathe deeply and do not shy away from alcohol. No comments.
Here's what else you can say about the "dangers" of alcohol, if you allow yourself a glass or two during a party may even famous athletes, authors of many of the world achievements and legends of our nation. And they do not prohibit the coach is - if it is not a speech, as the honoring of the winners!

Moonshine - not samopal!

      We return to the brew and moonshine. I do not want to spend very much time trying to convince that brew - it is not something that is not worse, but better than a commercially available alcohol (if we are talking about strong drink).
It is not for nothing that they say: if you want to do something good - do it yourself. Believe me, it is indeed the case, and this fully applies to alcohol. Thousands of people become blind, fade away, and dying, instead of buying vodka "tormozuhu" or cognac instead of the normal - rare basement swipes. Not worth the risk.

      The real fact of life of the author of this article. One time I was "lucky" enough to buy expensive vodka in a large and respectable hypermarket. Imagine my surprise when, taking it out of the freezer, I discovered ... that it was cold. And after I got off light, I was lucky. It was after that incident, by the way, my father consulted and decided to buy moonshine. Choose Brand CHZDA (about this - later). We have one for two is more than enough. Similarly, you can do as you.
Let's talk about the economic component. You know how many dozen (!!!) times the cost of the same bottle of vodka is different from the price at which it is sold in stores? You'd better not to know, not to get upset. However, and this - not all. Now - it is about moonshining and distillation devices.

     For example, for one bottle of good whiskey brand in the Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus (CHZDA) can buy moonshine "turnkey". Then, armed with a computer, searching recipes and made several experiments by the author of these lines was able to make a drink that cost literally "three rubles." And now attention, focus! The mixed drink was poured into a proprietary square bottle and put up on the table! Voila! Not to say that like the "elite", but not strong "middle peasant" - quite.

      Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus generally happy and very serious "factory" producing a solid production facilities, and a huge range of devices, products and excellent value. If you are in thought, whether it is worth buying moonshine - is worth it. If you do not know where to start his search - start with chzda.ru. I think that if you start to look for it there, there's nothing else to look for, and do not have to. Because there is not only the devices actually in a large range, but also a whole bunch, it is necessary to "young soldier" for making great home brew.
We wish you good health, great mood and the best company! But remember: moonshine - a holiday and a good mood, but not the business. Its sale is fraught with very different "holiday", much more extreme.


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