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Ingredients for home-made beer to brew - it is necessary for the preparation of alcoholic drinks at home?

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     Alcoholic beverages, home-cooked, always popular. This is not surprising, because for them, only uses natural ingredients to brew, which can be purchased in a set.

     It has long been considered the most delicious brew drink. It was cooked in large quantities, then to use, or use as payment for works and services. At a certain period, the government of our country has banned cooking moonshine, but true connoisseurs it has not stopped. Thanks to them, preserved the best recipes of moonshine, which can take advantage of any modern man, having the presence of affordable and conventional ingredients.

Moonshine honey - a classic brewing.

     Ingredients for home-made beer to brew now you can buy without leaving home. But, the most important product, which in the opinion of experienced "moonshiners" must be used to produce delicious alcohol, always have in every home. In this case, it has a view of honey - a useful product with unmatched taste.

     True connoisseurs of high-quality home Alcohol warning: not to be confused brew of honey and mead, as it is a completely different drink. Mead different cooking simplicity - it does not need refining, so it has a relatively low castle (about 10-15 degrees). Classic prepares to brew longer, but it has a unique taste of the bright and unforgettable aftertaste.

How to make moonshine made from honey?

     To prepare homemade alcoholic drink made from honey, you need to buy moonshine or oak barrels for moonshine. As for the products, then buy the ingredients for the brew in Moscow, you can online store CHZDA.

     When all the ingredients for the brew will be with you, you are ready to cook a delicious drink. For a classic honey vodka must be loaded in the moonshine honey, sugar, yeast and water, and then boil the drink, following the manufacturer's instructions. If you want to drink a home based on honey has a more deep and rich taste, place it for a short time in oak barrels of 5 liters or larger container.


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