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Is moonshine help from the manufacturer to prepare a medicinal drink?

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    In recent years, the production of moonshine has acquired a large scale, which is not surprising in view of the deteriorating quality of regular store alcoholic beverages. True connoisseurs of elite alcohol has long been understood that it is better one time to buy hooch from the manufacturer and to cook their own favorite drinks than ever to go to a specialty store to purchase whiskey, liqueur and brandy dubious quality if necessary.

     But people who regularly visit the sites moonshine producers argue that alcoholic beverages homemade - it's not just a way to spend time with friends or relatives, but also the opportunity to get rid of a variety of ailments. To see if this is really necessary to look at the history of moonshine.

History of vodka

     Manufacturers moonshine knows the history of this drink, which is not the simple layman. And in vain, because the brew - it is a significant segment of the history of the Russian state. In the 16th century this drink was a token currency. Its value was much higher than that of precious metals and money. And all because this drink is not only a "dope" the head, but also helped to cure various diseases.

     By the way, according to the story, which is largely provoked mass production of moonshine, it is for medical purposes in 1533 were used homemade vodka. She rubbed the sore spots, it was used to treat colds, to get rid of sharp pain. And then the drink began to prepare for his own pleasure.

     Russian moonshine recipe is developed in the nineteenth century, the quality is several times superior to French cognac. And I must say that the modern manufacturers moonshine own them and some of them are selling the installation, complete with a book of the best recipes. In the 19th century the Russian court in each brew prepared on an individual prescription, and to find the best of them is enough to buy hooch from producer.