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Moonshine "Gorilych": how to cook a delicious drink at home?

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    Moonshine for the preparation of high-quality, clean and safe alcoholic beverages - is the choice of many people in Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Reasonable people are well aware that much more profitable once buy moonshine and for many years with his help prepare a drink than regular visits to specialty stores for the purchase of expensive, but not always quality alcohol.

     That is why the most important and frequent question is, where to buy moonshine and what model to choose? Experienced domestic manufacturers of alcohol, according to reviews on the official website of moonshine, preference settings mark "Gorilych" series "Village."

Benefits moonshine "Gorilych" village with a steam drum

     Moonshine Gorilych - village is a fairly simple design, which, however, proved itself with the best hand. In the market of cell phones appeared for a long time, and their performance has been appreciated by thousands of grateful customers, not only villagers, but also citizens.

     The name of moonshine rustic with steam drum was not because they use it is recommended that residents of rural areas, but because of the design features. Unlike other lines moonshine, models in this series are equipped with cooling (coil) non-flowing type. This means that during its operation to cool the distiller requires a minimum amount of water that is very valuable in terms of its economy.

     The rest of moonshine with steam drum and bubbler, which can buy all the inhabitants of cities in Russia and abroad, do not differ from the standard models. But this applies only to the operating principle of plants. As for design, the devices have different equipment, including stills of different sizes. All elements of the systems are manufactured in the factory of upscale stainless food steel, which makes the production of alcoholic beverages at home is absolutely safe for the health event.



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