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Purchase of moonshine in Moscow - the first step to a flawless drink

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     Home brew - it is a fascinating hobby that can become even more interesting and exciting, if produced on the basis of the tincture prepared exclusive alcoholic cocktails.

     One of the main advantages of home-brew - its natural, high quality and rich taste. However, it is important to use high-quality equipment to create a truly delicious pure drink. We recommend to visit the online store moonshine in Moscow from producer CHZDA, where you can select the appropriate device, and start to explore the mystery of the unique cooking liquor.

Cocktails on the basis of moonshine: unusual combinations and great taste

     One of the most classic combinations of alcohol - it is known to all the cocktail "Screwdriver". To make it, take peeled moonshine and freshly squeezed orange juice in a ratio of 3/7, add ice, mix and serve. It is important to use fresh juice - just so your drink will really natural and delicious. In a similar manner is prepared and cola beverage: mix 3 parts vodka and 7 parts cola add ice and serve guests.

     Refreshing cocktail "Wild Mojito" - the perfect choice for any party. To make it, you will need 1 liter of pure vodka, lime 4, 20 leaves of fresh mint, a little sugar syrup and ice. All the ingredients mix, insert tube cocktail and - done!

     In addition to these "basic" recipes, home brew production opens up huge opportunities for the taste experiments. High-quality distillate is perfectly combined with prunes, raspberries, cherry, lemon, pomegranate and other sweet fruits and berries. In addition, the brew wonderful harmony with other alcoholic drinks: red wine, champagne, cognac.

     Buy cheap hooch in Moscow will be the best solution for the true alcoholic gourmet - quality home brew and a variety of liqueurs will be an excellent basis for a variety of original cocktails. But in addition to classic recipes, you can try to create something of their own, exclusive, and does not cease to delight guests with the elite beverages.


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