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TOP-10 most expensive vodka in the world

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    Contrary to popular belief, vodka - a drink and an expensive luxury. In many countries, there is an stereotype that most drunk in Russia, and only a cheap and low-quality bitter. However, the situation is somewhat different: in Russia produced excellent spirits, and all over the world are the true connoisseurs of alcohol, ready to lay out a few thousand or even millions of dollars for a bottle of fine drink.
     The most expensive vodka is made in the USA by Leos Verres Luxury Group and called Billionaire Vodka. Drink up to its name: the cost of five-liter bottles, decorated with fur, gold, diamonds and Swarovski crystals - 3.75 million dollars..
     Russian forty-degree water Russo-Baltique, worth 1.35 million dollars, is placed in a bottle with a unique design: a lattice of the rare bulletproof Radiators and an abundance of gold items. The only copy was presented to Prince Albert.
     Scottish Diva Vodka, filtered through diamond dust, and implemented with a scattering of diamonds at the bottom of the vessel, richly inlaid with precious stones, will cost approximately one million dollars.
List of most expensive vodka continue exclusive products, produced in Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Switzerland, Sweden and France. Rounding out the Polish Belvedere costing only $ 800 per bottle.

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     The most expensive vodka, oddly enough, is not the best quality. Traditionally considered the best Grey Goose alcohol produced in France, the Russian and the Polish Crystal Krolewska.

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