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Moonshine history: from antiquity to the present day

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     Moonshine - is an amazing device that allows you to convert sugar into pure Braga strong drink. Alembic and distiller appeared after people noticed the special properties of the liquid to evaporate and form condensation. Based on this principle and created a distiller - a device that can assemble the components separated during evaporation.

     Today buy moonshine in Moscow, to produce high-quality home-brew is not difficult, but in ancient times the purpose of the device was somewhat different. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used distillation to separate water and essential oils. The first devices were clay, but soon the Arab traders began to make them of copper, which has improved properties of separated liquids. These copper device subsequently began to apply successfully for the production of brandy.

     First moonshine invented Valentius Italian monk, distilled the wine through the device. The healing properties of the resulting solution is striking: he miraculously promoted healing of small wounds, treating lung diseases and helping patients with sad gain peace of mind.

     By XVI century distillers already actively used to produce alcoholic tinctures. Society is always looking for better materials, forms, methods of cooking and recipes. It was then that began to appear brandy, rum, chacha, sake, calvados, and many others, so popular now drink.

Moonshine in Russia

     Moonshine in Moscow appeared in the reign of Ivan the Terrible, who opened the first tavern capital. Then, for the production of moonshine use only the best equipment and raw materials - this drink was the privilege of the highest state officials. Later distillers began to appear in the noble houses, and then from simple peasants.

     With the introduction of the Soviet Union Prohibition moonshine become simpler and more compact, and the taste of beverages vysokogradusnyh deteriorated. Modern manufacturers distillers tend to revive the forgotten traditions of brewing quality, so buy moonshine in Moscow from CHZDA manufacturer - an excellent solution for those who wish to make their own delicious tincture, so passionately loved by our ancestors.


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