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The healing properties of vodka: how to be treated with alcohol

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    How many alcoholic drinks moonshine has excellent healing properties and is used to treat many diseases. However, the effect to be positive, it is important to observe the basic rules of using this product for medical purposes:
  • Know the measure. To overdo it with a drink, you risk turning into a classic treatment of binge or even trigger the development of new disease.
  • Treated only with quality products. Failure to observe the technology of preparation and hygiene can lead to severe poisoning. To be completely sure of perfect quality, it is best to make the drug on their own - for this purchase reliable moonshine. For example, an excellent choice would be buying moonshine in Moscow from CHZDA producer.
  • Is the responsibility of treatment, take precautions and be aware of contraindications to receiving alcohol.
Moonshine in the cold - a classic of traditional medicine.
     Moonshine is effective in the early hours of a cold, when the symptoms only began to manifest itself: you feel a slight fever, headache, first sneeze or coughed. Pour into a glass of about 50 grams of the drink, add a little black or red pepper, and drink quickly, for not having a snack and drinking opportunities. If the dose of 50g great for you - you can divide it into two parts. It is advisable to immediately after receiving the "medicine" to hide under the covers and how to relax. If the next morning you will not become easier, you should stop the treatment of alcohol and consult your doctor.

     For colds perfectly help alcohol compresses to the neck or chest: dilute the alcohol with water, soak in the resulting solution, a towel, put on his throat and a warm scarf Wrap. Leave compress at night or until complete evaporation of the liquid.
Buy moonshine in Moscow cheap is not difficult, and the effect of the manufactured product will delight you.
The best ways to treat moonshine
     High-quality moonshine can be used for treatment of peptic ulcer of the stomach and intestines: Drink one tablespoon not flavored drink in the morning on an empty stomach. When supercooling 50 grams of strong alcohol will help keep warm. In addition, you can gently rub the alcohol frozen limbs.
Pure moonshine can be used to disinfect small wounds and scratches.

     This drink is known for its anesthetic properties and alleviate the suffering toothache: moisten a cotton swab into the moonshine and apply to the aching tooth and gums. You will become much easier, and will be able to safely get to the dentist.
To remove the hangover, drink in the morning no more than 60 grams of vodka, and is sure to have a snack.

     Different types of tinctures moonshine on the basis of an excellent job with cosmetic problems (eg, acne), nausea and vomiting, cleanse the body of toxins, promote recovery from flu and asthma. Visit the online store moonshine in Moscow to select the perfect option and produce your home "medicine"!


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