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Flavours for moonshine: the use of subtlety

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    High-quality alcoholic drink is made up of three main components: raw materials of excellent, reliable hardware and impeccable observance of production technology. An excellent choice would be buying a cheap moonshine in St. Petersburg from a reliable manufacturer CHZDA. Chelyabinsk plant distillation devices offers a wide range of models moonshine in St. Petersburg, can be an excellent basis for an exciting hobby - home brewing.

     Choosing raw materials for the manufacture of moonshine, prefer natural ingredients. Clean water, high-quality sugar and suitable yeast - a pledge really tasty and enjoyable drink. However, it is auxiliary components define the taste of homemade alcohol - experimenting with a variety of fruits, berries, spices, cereals and other products, you can get the desired taste of moonshine. Modern manufacturers have tried to facilitate the process of home brewing, creating a special flavor concentrates for moonshine that can quickly turn into an elite tincture traditional alcoholic drink.

     With flavors classic brew can be easily converted into rum, absinthe, whiskey, port, gin or brandy. Special attention should be given supplements with unusual flavors, created to simulate the famous liqueurs: Amaretto, Baileys, Blue Curacao, Limoncello and Bitter. For true connoisseurs of spirits will be the perfect choice for the production of vodka flavors - classic wheat, anise, vanilla or whatever.

     Flavor additives not only give the brew a bright flavor, but also slightly stained it by adding the similarities with the one of the famous beverage. To enhance the taste do not need to add more concentrate - it will make a tincture cloying. Brew with the addition of flavor must insist for a few days. And then even the cheapest moonshine in St. Petersburg will be able to please their owners exceptional quality drinks.

     Use ready-made concentrates is best for alcoholic strength of not more than 50%. And most importantly - it should be remembered that no flavor and the taste does not remove harmful impurities from low-quality moonshine, moonshine so it is important to buy in St. Petersburg cheap but certainly a function of the intermediate purification. Treat yourself and your loved ones in elite alcohol, prepared with their own hands!


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