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Oak barrels for 25 liters: Stalin's favorite packaging?

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    Oak barrels for moonshine - the ideal container for the storage of alcoholic drinks of domestic production. Today, they are in high demand among connoisseurs of high-end high-end alcohol, in fact, like decades ago. It is no secret that the story of the great Russian people did. However, few people know that many of them were true gourmets who appreciate and love a real home alcohol.

     One of these people was Joseph Stalin - a politician who left an indelible mark in the history, not only the rigid manner of his rule, but also grand feasts. In oak barrels Stalin kept a high quality homemade wine and other alcoholic beverages, which he entertained his guests.

Stalin and the feast

     Everyone knows that Stalin had a tough, strong-willed character. He obeyed all his All respected and feared. He did not refuse the invitation to take part in a feast. Stored in oak barrels to brew wine flowed freely, other alcoholic drinks are also offered in unlimited quantities. Feature Stalin feasts was that IV Stalin to decide to drink alcohol to him or not. But the guests he had such an opportunity - they had a lot to drink, and as long as the owner does not announce the end of the feast.

     Needless to say, that an order to buy oak barrels of moonshine Stalin gave periodically. Equally interesting and unusual his attitude towards his guests regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages is simple: under the influence of wine, vodka or moonshine man ceased to control his speech and gave the most intimate secrets. It is not difficult to guess that Stalin commanded to do with the people, the secrets of which he did not like - the arrest and shooting, that's what was their destiny.

     It is said that after one of these feasts committed suicide, and the wife of the great leader. According to unconfirmed reports, one by taking part in "friendly gatherings", Nadezhda Alliluyeva went to my room and more it has not been seen alive. Stalin drank a lot and always - after spending over a glass of spirits until late at night, and slept only a few hours, Stalin proceeded to state affairs.



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