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Barrels for brew of oak - correct handling bail rich taste

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    Moonshine, or as it is more commonly called today, drink home-made - it's a great solution for the true connoisseurs of high quality and unique taste. Today, cooking liquor at home has the opportunity to everyone, because this has absolutely everything from moonshine and ending with the ingredients to brew, which can buy from the online store CHZDA.
However, to make moonshine "drink of the Gods", experienced "bootleggers" recommend the use of barrels of moonshine made of oak, which are sold as a finished product, but requires additional processing.

Why handle oak barrels?

     In the Middle Ages, when the brew is at the peak of its popularity, people have found that alcoholic beverages are placed in oak barrels for moonshine become a truly incredible quality. Their taste becomes more intense, deep and bright, and the action soft. This is because the oak barrel for moonshine breathes contained therein beverage saturated with oxygen, resulting in a certain place of the reaction, a positive impact on the quality of alcohol.

     But if you decide to oak barrels for moonshine buy, then you need to keep in mind that immediately prepare drinks and load ingredients into it can not be - this drink will lose their properties and become a noble in the simple booze. The fact that the original wood contains large amounts of tannin - tannin, which makes the drink cloudy, tasty and not give it a pungent odor. Therefore, before the use of oak barrels for moonshine for their intended purpose, it is necessary to prepare it.

     The preparation process does not take much time, but it requires patience and effort. To home-brew has got a unique taste and stored for a long amount of time, a barrel for it to be carefully soak in plenty of plain water, then dry. For maximum effect, soaking is better to repeat a few times - it will later cook great spirits, pure and delicious that will appeal not only to you but also your family.


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