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Oak barrels for 50 liters - and if kept their holdings of Peter the Great in them?

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    Great people and alcohol - there is a close relationship between these two concepts. And indeed, if you know a lot of famous personalities who have not suffered from the strong attachment to alcohol? Historians are still trying to find the origins of alcoholism in Russia, but even today, is not known who was the founder of the tradition of taking alcohol.

    However, there is in our history the big names, the owners of which were known as excellent quality alcoholic beverages. One of them - Peter, are stored in the cellar of the Palace of hundreds of oak barrels of 50 liters, which stores a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Peter - History vseshuteyshego, vsepyaneyshego and sumosbrodneyshego Great ruler.

     Peter the Great, who has done a lot for the Russian state, was, if not an alcoholic, the lover of liquor. In many historical annals comes across a description of a club where Peter collected their fundamentals like-minded people to discuss important public issues. On the one hand, it's true - all those who participated in the events were really like-minded ruler. But, during the meetings held does not negotiate and discuss affairs of state importance, and the stormy libations. In the Cathedral, which he first called Peter vseshuteyshego, vsepyaneyshego and frenzy, store more barrels of 60 liters of oak filled with moonshine.

     Take part in the "Peter's feasts" were only privileged person close to the emperor. Sami boyars, who fell in the VIP guest list, perceived their fate is not so happy. Going to the Cathedral, many of them wrote a will, saying goodbye to the children and wives. King liked being around him drank a lot and willingly.

     For refusing to take the cup from the hands of Peter, and drink the wine stored in oak barrels of 50 liters, the offender could be badly hit. The case when one of the boyars late for "Peter Feast", which was then called the Assembly. For this the governor ordered him to drink 4 cups of 400 ml of very strong alcohol in a very short time. And to the people who have tried to avoid taking alcohol cunning, Peter puts soldiers who strictly followed to ensure that the Council of nobody left sober.



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