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Is moonshine is required by the manufacturer in the home?

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    Nowadays more and more people have come to believe that it is much more profitable to buy moonshine wholesale and prepare alcoholic drinks of domestic production than to constantly spend money on the purchase of store alcohol. Where once were considered the elite of industrial preparation of drinks, but now their quality leaves much to be desired.

     In connection with this actively growing production moonshine that presented on the market in a large variety of models and modifications. Construction equipment and installations are different, but the common purpose - to give people an opportunity to cook at home cognac, liqueur, whiskey or brandy. Manufacturers moonshine argue that their activities they are engaged for this purpose, because their production helps to avoid the sad cases of low-grade industrial alcohol poisoning.

moonshine production on an international scale

     Moonshine - royal drink that was originally available only to members of the upper echelons of power. Previously, a few centuries ago, brew cup is a reward for the tsarist henchmen - they did not receive medals and awards, but it could go to the pub and drink for their achievements as much vodka as they fit into the goblet. This fact is already evidence of the high value of the drink.

     However, the production of moonshine made not only for the preparation of homemade vodka (Russian vodka), but also for the manufacture of traditional alcoholic beverages around the world. Few people know that each state has its own brew, and if you buy moonshine wholesale, you can use it to prepare:

• vodka - Ukrainian moonshine;
• Palinka - moonshine, which was prepared in Hungary;
• Hooch - English moonshine;
• Potin - Irish brew.

     All recipes for cooking brew all over the world can be found on the websites of manufacturers of moonshine, or in a special supplement (book), which comes to complete installations for the production of domestic spirits.