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Advantages moonshine

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    Moonshine - it is a great hobby that is sure to please the person with a creative approach to life. All you need to engage in home brewing - buy high quality equipment and a lot of patience.

     Reasons to buy moonshine in Moscow fully explain the advantages of any qualitative distiller:

• Unlimited lifetime. Subject to the rules of ordinary use and care of the instrument, it is able to serve more than one generation.

• Reliability and environmental components. With self-manufacturing of moonshine, you can be fully confident in the quality of raw materials used and technology and, as a result, the finished beverage. You will be able to create exclusive liqueurs, fully meet your taste preferences.

• Easy and safe to use. Distiller - it's incredibly simple device for the treatment of which is enough to know and abide by the overall beverage preparation technology, experimenting with different flavors and aromas. Good devices are equipped with thermometers and special valves for complete control of the distillation process.

• High rate of distillation. Quality distiller will allow you to get a great drink much faster and more correct than without the use of specialized equipment.

• Cost. Production of alcohol at home saves you from having to pay for expensive packaging and brand of modern alcoholic beverages.

• Modern moonshine can work in a distillation column mode, which allows a real 96% alcohol. This product can be used for the manufacture of medicinal tinctures that particularly delight lovers of traditional medicine.

• experiments lovers will enjoy the ability to create on the basis of home-brew of original cocktails, which can be a wonderful decoration of the festive table to please your friends and loved ones.

     Buy moonshine in Moscow from CHZDA manufacturer - the best solution for all those who appreciate the impeccable quality of elite alcohol and wants to create own exclusive drinks that have a rich taste and aroma. Delight your guests an amazing brew produced with soul, buying high-quality moonshine in Moscow! And we are happy to help you with this. We are always glad to see you among our customers.