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The history of Russian alcoholic traditions

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    Introduction to Russian customs drinking alcohol - a great way to learn a broad Russian soul. The best solution would be buying moonshine in St. Petersburg: you will have a wonderful opportunity not only to learn about the native Russian culture of drinking, but also learn about the traditions of your friends and loved ones. High-quality drink made with the soul - the key to a successful feast!

     Russian customs vysokogradusnyh drinking infusions largely borrowed from other countries, rites, but, nevertheless, it is in Russia, they have taken root and become part of the national colors. For example, the "penalty wineglass" came to us from ancient Greece, where food and drink were erected in the cult. It was in those days, and table etiquette was born: a latecomer to the feast had to "pay" a certain penalty.

     We are all familiar with the superstition that the empty bottle can not be put on the table, but few know its true value. A matter as such and not - this tradition came to us together with the Cossacks from France. After the war with Napoleon, the French waiters are considered the amount of alcohol drunk by the number left on the tables, empty bottles, and then invoiced. The Cossacks quickly realize that you can save a good, taking away the empty bottles under the table.

     Toast "for health" was born after an alcohol began to prepare a variety of medicinal tinctures. And used them too exclusively for medicinal purposes. By the way, the acquisition of moonshine in St. Petersburg allows you to create at home the purest moonshine - an excellent basis for medicinal herbal balms.

     With the coming to power of Peter the Great in Russia alcohol measure was replaced with a bucket on a bottle - this innovation was borrowed from the French emperor. To avoid confusion in the conduct of documentation bucket "divided" on twenty bottles - so much to him and fit. Since then, the case of vodka is traditionally contains 20 bottles.

     Suffice prosaic origin is the expression "figure for three." In Soviet times, it was decided to give her husband to dinner 1 ruble, and a bottle of vodka cost 2 rubles 87 kopecks. It is not difficult to guess what to buy little white needed two more companion - hence the standing invitation "you'll be third?"

     Russian drinking culture has hundreds of different traditions, rooted in very different era. Buy moonshine in St. Petersburg from CHZDA producer and invite your friends to get acquainted with the original Russian alcoholic habits!


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