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Oak barrels for moonshine - the secrets of cooking homemade brandy

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    Cognac - the king of all alcoholic beverages. He is loved and appreciated for the unique taste, bright flavor and pleasant aftertaste. It would seem that in the present conditions of abundance of alcoholic beverages in stores enables true connoisseurs of elite alcohol cognac enjoy at any time.

     However, this is not quite true. In fact, in recent years the quality of even the most expensive cognac poor. Experts attribute this to the desire of manufacturers to get the maximum benefit from the production of beverages. As a result, consumer, buying a luxury alcohol receives the average quality of the drink, which does not bring the pleasure of consumption, but only clouding consciousness. People who understand this have long since learned to cook brandy in oak barrels for moonshine. How do they do it? Let's face it.

The most popular recipe for homemade brandy.

     In the Internet there are lots of recipes for cooking cognac at home. According to one, you need to buy in the store for the ingredients of vodka and moonshine with a steam drum, if rely on the other, it is sufficient for the oak barrels of moonshine to buy, and the remaining components are always at hand for each person.

     After analyzing all the recipes for brandy at home, we found the easiest. So, to prepare homemade brandy, you need to do to buy a barrel of vodka, carefully handle it dry and proceed to action.

You will need the following ingredients to brew buy:
• Grape varieties Isabella;
• Sugar;
• Alcohol.

     Grape juice is squeezed out to yield, after which it is added, and the mixture is left sugar to fermentation for five days. When the grape juice begins to emit the smell of the wine it must be re-drain, pour into a glass bottle and leave for another 2 weeks. The second portion of the sugar in the future brandy is added when the beverage stops gasification process. After that, the wine is drained, filtered and begins the process of its transformation into brandy.

     This is done by distilling it in the moonshine rustic with a steam drum. The process does not take long, but the output is the purest drink fortress which is about 45 degrees. This drink is placed in oak barrels of 5 liters or more volume and is left there for a couple of months. This process of making homemade brandy is over - after the expiration, you can enjoy delicious, and most importantly, safe for the health of an alcoholic beverage homemade.


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