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Change the color and the taste of home-brew

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    Purchase of moonshine in St. Petersburg - a good excuse to please yourself and your guests elite alcohol, cooked at home. Gives a unique taste and aroma brew can help a variety of flavors, which can be both artificial and natural. While ready-made concentrates are able to turn a classic brew in imitation of the famous drinks: brandy, rum, tequila, whiskey and liqueurs, - the use of natural ingredients leaves room for creativity taste.

Traditional ways of flavor brew

     Among the many fruits, berries and spices used for the enrichment of domestic alcohol taste, a special place is the time-tested recipes:

• Lemon or orange peel tincture give a pleasant citrus taste with a slight bitterness;
• Saffron or rosemary create the perfect combination of light bitterness and spicy flavor;
• Allspice will delight your taste buds moderately pungent taste;
• Carnation, black pepper and fresh ginger give the drink warming acuity - great for winter evenings;
• cinnamon, bay leaf, star anise, vanilla, nutmeg or cardamom tincture give a rich spicy-spicy taste and bright flavor.

     All products, except for the saffron can be combined with each other, experimenting with unusual combinations. It is important not to overdo it with the amount of flavor - to improve the aromatic properties of the beverage infusion increase to several weeks, and at the same time do not forget to stir it at least once a day.

Natural dyes for moonshine

     Change the color palette help beverage vysokogradusnogo natural ingredients:

• Luxury golden hue will add partitions walnuts, saffron, parsley and celery leaves, lemon balm and unripe oranges.
• Magnificent red color is available, alcohol insisting on dried blueberries.
• Bright purple drink after staining with carmine gain and filtering through yarrow flowers. You can also brew insist on sunflower seeds and mix it with a strong decoction of sandalwood.
• Green color will give the clover.
• Chocolate shade will help to achieve caramelized sugar.

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