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Home moonshine - especially the choice of distillation devices for home preparation of alcohol

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    When the first moonshine say very difficult, and the author of the desired device can not be called. However, historians say that the first vessel for the preparation of alcohol was found during excavations in Babylon and dates back to the fourth century BC.
     But it is not so important, since time immemorial, moonshine firmly established in the life of the Russians, and to this day the popularity of this type of activity only increases. The modern man has everything to cook a delicious and safe alcoholic beverages. All that is required - buy moonshine on the Internet and choose the best recipes of home-brew.
     However, to choose and buy a distillation apparatus with steam drum is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Today the market offers a huge variety of models and modifications of vehicles for distilling moonshine, so choose the best is very difficult.
What are moonshine?
     Modern Moonshine presents a large variety of models, but they can be conditionally divided into two groups:
     The first is a device equipped with a distillation cube cooler and does not flow type. With the help of the village Chelyabinsk moonshine can be just a few hours to prepare one or more liters of the elite alcohol, rum, whiskey, and tequila. The operating principle of the village distillation apparatus is to collect and condense the vapors from the distillation of the ingredients in the absence of running water (running water), which allows the output to get pure alcohol a fortress high in the country or in the village.
     Mini-factories for the production of homemade alcohol in design do not differ from the village of devices, but the difference lies in the fact that they are intended for the preparation of alcoholic drinks using as cool tap water from the tap - in this case a distillation process is faster and easier if to choose the right ingredients for the brew and choose the best recipe for an alcoholic beverage, it can be prepared in a short time any alcohol, be it whiskey or brandy, the taste of which surpass the properties of the product the most elite and expensive brands.
     The beauty of modern models of moonshine is that every owner of such a device can acquire hardware for it, carrying out work to improve the final product, if necessary.


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