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Affiliate Programs - Various types of earnings in the Internet

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    Affiliate program - the perfect way to earn money via partner site. Today a lot of people are interested in affiliate CPA action mechanism of online stores programs and other companies, and considering as a source of income.

     It should be noted that there is quite a variety of affiliate programs that have a different working principle and accrued profits. The most common are the following commercial affiliate to the method of calculation of bonuses:

• For clicks;
• For screenings;
• For registration;
• During the placement.

To select the most profitable affiliate program, you must consider each type separately.

For clicks

     This type of affiliate program offers participants of earnings on the Internet for posting on your own web-resources of the advertising information (banners, text links, etc.). for each transition to the official website of the advertiser party CPA affiliate receives either a percentage or a clearly specified amount of profit.

     wage level is determined by the terms of cooperation, but as a rule for each transition to the company's website - the developer of the affiliate program, affiliate program participant receives at least three cents.

For screenings

     The advantages of this affiliate program is the lack of direct contact with the target audience. The principle of operation of such a system is to place on the site of the partner of an advertising banner, and the profit is calculated for each thousand impressions.

     In simple terms, the more users visit the site member CPA affiliate, the greater the income received last. Most often these are different affiliate program brokers.

During placement

     A great option for the young owners of sites. As the number of visitors to these resources is still not great, impressions of banners is limited. Therefore, to become an affiliate of another type of owner of the site does not make sense.

     In the case of affiliate store program, involving the charging of the material remuneration for the placement - it is profitable for the advertiser, as it will pay a fixed amount for a specific period of time spent advertising on partner sites.