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The advantages of low-cost moonshine with a steam drum

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    Modern manufacturers offer a huge variety of moonshine equipped with additional functions. One important element is the quality of the distiller reflux - a special device designed for the collection of harmful substances released during the distillation of mash. Buy moonshine in St. Petersburg with a steam drum - the best choice for the production of pure home-brew.

     In the production of moonshine mash it stands out not only ethanol, but various fusel oils. These substances spoil the taste and aroma of the finished beverage, harmful to health, and thus in the process of brewing is necessary to get rid of them. To clean the tincture of impurities, many bootleggers have resorted to double or triple distillation, which takes a lot of time and effort.

     Avoid unnecessary procedures makes steam-dome - a special container for the collection of hazardous substances released from the mash. Reflux condenser is tightly closed with two tubes, and after completion of the distillation process at the bottom is going concentrated yellowish liquid, which has an unpleasant odor. On average, its amount is about 5% of the total volume of wash.

     The principle of the steam drum is incredibly simple: the device is connected to the two channels with a distillation cube and does not interfere with the movement of the pair, allowing the ethyl alcohol to evaporate actively. When boiling mash fusel oil first enter the settler vessel and no longer evaporate away.

Reflux condenser has a number of advantages:

• effectively cleans without the use of tincture of chemical compounds;
• easy to create and use - with steam-dome you want you can do it yourself;
• prevents the ingress of wash to the purified alcohol in the case of high temperature distillation;
• reduces the production of homemade alcohol.

     If you want to get the purest spirit, not applying to this extra effort, then buying moonshine equipped with reflux condenser, it will be your perfect choice. Chelyabinsk plant distillation devices offers a wide range of reliable, high-quality and cheap moonshine, buy in St. Petersburg, which is always possible at an affordable price.

     Allow yourself and your loved ones to evaluate the impeccable taste of pure vodka prepared at home by buying a distiller with steam drum from the company CHZDA!


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