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The ratio of world religions to alcoholic beverages

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    Moonshine - a great drink for connoisseurs of elite alcohol. However, the rich flavor and aroma of the resulting infusion depends on the quality of the equipment, so you should pay special attention to the purchase of moonshine in Moscow.

     Before you buy a cheap hooch in Moscow from producer CHZDA, remember the basic tenets of your faith regarding alcohol: if you can afford to make and eat a quality home brew?

Habits in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism

     The Christian faith is not forbidden, and even worships spirits. Special respect enjoyed wine, symbolizing the blood of Christ. The mention of wine in the New and Old Testament, this elixir is an inherent part of the sacrament of Communion. Alcohol for Christians - not the forbidden fruit, but the scriptures say, and damage from the excessive use of strong liquors, calling to know the measure. Some interpretations of the Bible emphasizes that God gives man the right to choose: to drink or not to drink.

     In the Qur'an, there is no unequivocal interpretation of the question about the use of alcoholic beverages, but the vast majority of Muslim clerics adhere to a total ban. Islam considers that the prohibition in large numbers, are not allowed to eat in the small, so the official position of religion is clear: alcohol for Muslims is strictly forbidden.

     Buddhism prohibits the consumption of alcoholic potions only servants of the faith and the monks. Simple as believers consume alcohol in small quantities is permitted but not encouraged. All Buddhist canons concur: alcohol clouds the mind and prevents awareness actions.

     Judaism does not prohibit alcohol, but urges to know the measure. In this religion, like Christianity, the wine used in religious ceremonies, but in general, the Torah and the Talmud is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Buy moonshine in Moscow: Will the religion?

     Most religions do not prohibit, but also do not encourage drinking of hard liquor, so the decision to buy moonshine in Moscow should be aware, and you should always monitor the amount of alcohol consumed - remember that you are responsible not only to himself, but to God.


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