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Winston Churchill - the most famous "alcoholic" UK

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    For someone Winston Churchill - a former prime minister of Great Britain, for someone - a talented writer and journalist, and for someone - a bright justify their addictions. And, oddly enough, every judgment is true.

     In 2002, a survey conducted by «BBC», the famous politician named the greatest Briton in history. For each of us, his greatness lies in one of the achievements, but for those who have already managed to buy hooch from Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus, Churchill, surely, is famous for its alcoholic achievements.

     Winston Churchill - not only an outstanding statesman and one of the most famous figures in the political arena of his time, but also a unique example of a "happy" alcoholism. Every day, for decades, enjoying the rich taste of liquor and tobacco choice known Briton lived to 90 years, even for a minute without changing their preferences. Few people know that his life the past 20 years, Churchill, on the instruction of doctors, had been deprived of the pleasure to drink alcohol. However, this fact does not diminish the extent of his alcoholism.

     Winston Churchill is famous for numerous winged phrases, clearly and succinctly characterize his attitude to life. For example, a great expression "alcohol - this anesthesia, which allows transfer operation called life." It's hard not to agree is not it?

     Among the favorite beverages Churchill singled whiskey, champagne and cognac. This alcohol he loved with all his heart, admiring its rich flavor and aroma. He was particularly respected Armenian cognac, and an indispensable attribute of the image of the policy was the cigar.

     Independently prepare a drink of Winston Churchill, and to try on the image of such an outstanding personality, you can, buying moonshine and learn the basics of home brewing. After reading the recipes of moonshine on our website and experimenting with flavors and natural colors, you can achieve amazing taste of elite cognac and even the incomparable taste and aroma of whiskey, so dearly loved famous British politician and journalist.


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