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Absent from the home-brew

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Absinthe of moonshine at home - the thrill of natural exclusivity!
     The first recipe absinthe belonged to the ancient Egyptians. At that time he was considered the drug, but over the centuries gradually moved into the category of alcoholic beverages. And we'll tell you the recipe of absinthe brew at home.
Recipe Absinthe at home

The classic version of absinthe must pass 4 stages:
1. preparation of alcoholic tinctures,
2. its distillation,
3. dyeing the resulting product,
4. aging procedure.

     For tinctures need pure rubbing alcohol or a home-brew double distillation, the fortress it is close to the alcohol. Herbs for absinthe with better opportunities to collect themselves, to acquire or grandmothers in the market. Pharmacy to buy products is not recommended due to the questionable quality, which often err similar charges.

Alcohol will need two and a half liters. To him take the rest of the ingredients:
  • Artemisia - 200 g,
  • Fennel - 120 g
  • green anise - 120 g,
  • oregano - 60 g
  • Chamomile - 60 g,
  • melissa - 40 g,
  • Mint - 40 g
  • anisetree - 40 g
  • whole coriander - 30g,
  • thyme - 20g,
  • whole nutmeg - 20 g,
  • cardamom - 20 g

     For tincture take only the leaves. The stems should be removed. Muscat split into several pieces.
All the grass in the dry mix, to fill in the 5-quart (or 2-liter) Dilute alcohol to the fortress of 85%, pour herbs that should occupy two-thirds of the working volume. Tightly wrap the bank - and the battery for 2-3 weeks. Contact light rays in the tincture is not allowed. Hitch here is not necessary, because the fermentation process is absent.

     After enduring this time, add water to the fortress of 58%. Mix. The grass must be separated, after having wrung her infusion to pass through the filter - and can be distilled. The resulting product to be dyed using melissa, thyme, St. John's wort (10 g each) and mint (30 g). You can add the zest of a small lemon. 8:00 insist, and filtered through a paper filter.
Now absinthe is necessary to wear out. To do this, it is poured into glass containers and put them in a dark closet (room temperature). After 7 days, and change the smell and taste of the beverage. And when it is used, everyone decides for himself, based on the color and degree of bitterness. Eventually she leaves, and color changes from green to yellow.

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