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Recipe American bourbon of Russian vodka

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    Not everyone can be called bourbon true American whiskey, but not necessarily any good whiskey American origin. Prepare a great bourbon - no easy task, but it is quite feasible. The main difference of this type of whiskey from other beverages of this class - it is the presence of corn flour in the product. The main highlight and important application for the company's success is its percentage in the batch. To bourbon tart turned and noble, "corn component" should not be less than 51%. The second main part of the bourbon is malt. Using different kinds of malt in a given percentage, we are experimenting with the finish. Suggested several ways to cook corn whiskeys.

Thus, the rate to the ingredients produce approximately 6 liters of initial wort:
  • Maize (corn flour, grits, or finely crushed whole grain) - 700gramm;
  • Malt (and here we have three options: barley, wheat, rye) - 300 grams;
  • Yeast - 3-4g.
  • Water - 4 liters

Technology of preparation of bourbon at home

     Pour into a container 4 liters of pure water, heat, stirring constantly, fall asleep inside the cornflour, bring to a boil, continuing to hinder periodically. Cooked corn porridge need to cool down to about 45 ° C. This is the time required to feed could swell. After mass receive the desired temperature and consistency, knead it into powder malt.
Caution regarding the selection of malt: green wheat malt will give the finished drink soft sweet taste. If kneading a little more corn - get a taste of sour.

     If you mix equal proportions of barley and rye malt - we get the tart taste of the "male" of whiskey.
After adding all malt and mix thoroughly for 2 hours Supports temperature of about 65 ° C. Massa should get a liquid. After this time, enter the feed yeast, pre-diluted with warm some water in a ratio of one to ten.
Getting to the fermentation process.

     Typically, it takes about 3-5 days. With proper kneading fermentation begins in 2-3 hours. In the absence of bubbles and smell the presence of alcohol we determine that fermentation has stopped. It's time to overtake and get ready Braga raw. But before distillation we recommend Braga filtered by passing through a fine sieve (gauze).

Distillation process.

     When using the apparatus for distillation plant (distiller), the process is much easier to haul, so to get a quality product offer to buy moonshine "Gorilych" (a wide range represented in our online store catalog). Fill in Braga moonshine and start the distillation process. After driving of the first resultant crude miss for the second time, the start and end separating part. The second time heat up slowly, separating the head fraction of about 10% of alcohol. The selection of the middle fraction ends at 45 degrees in the jet. The product is almost ready.

     This bourbon is different blends and smell good-quality oak barrels, in which the final and crucial process of aging of a noble beverage. Fill the finished product container cooked - and 3 months get young bourbon, and six months later - aged American whiskeys.
Excellent quality of the prepared beverage does not give you a question that you have tried the real bourbon.

I wish you success and good mood in good company!

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