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How to cook the Corn vodka

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How to cook a classic grain vodka using moonshine.

 Before the revolution, our ancestors often used bread brew as a medicinal tincture. This drink was quite common in the central regions of the Russian Empire, where there was a lot of raw materials for the production of the moonshine. In Soviet times, forgot about this product, and state authorities did their best to eradicate moonshine and maintain a state monopoly on alcohol production. We hope that you enjoy the bread brew on the recipes below.

 Grain vodka.

This vysokogradusny (over 32 degrees) drink, which is used for the production of wheat, barley, oats, rye and wild yeast. This drink has a peculiar taste, characteristic only for this brew.
 During the Soviet era, with its perpetual deficit, it was difficult to get the yeast, and so many bootleggers prepared moonshine than sugar, and cereals, in the formulation of which no yeast.
 If you bought a good moonshine, then you are able to prepare their own grain vodka, which will have a faint taste of grain. Depending on the feedstock used, the taste of vodka will be different from the soft, if you use wheat, to rich, if applicable rye. There are recipes that have additional ingredients like cloves and anise. But the classic embodiment, such additives are not provided.

 Manufacturing technology.

• Preparation of yeast.
Take 4 kg wheat, washed thoroughly uniformly poured into a 25 liter carboy. Poured into water, so that it covered the wheat and its level was higher by 20 mm. Poured 0.8 kg of sugar and stirring.
 The bottle was placed in a dark place for 4-5 days, uncovered. Start of fermentation and the appearance of sour smell indicates that the process of obtaining yeast over.

• Prepare the ground for moonshine.
Take 15 liters of water and it was diluted with 3 kg of sugar. Mix thoroughly and poured into a bottle with wheat. Then place the water trap. During fermentation requires that the temperature be in the range of 22-30 degrees Celsius. A week later, Braga will be ready for further processing.

• Preparation of moonshine.
Braga finished separated from the sediment and pour in the moonshine. From 15lirov mash kicked 2.5-3 liters of quality grain vodka. Strength of the drink 70-79 degrees. Yeast that have been obtained can be used several times. Typically, this 3-4 times. The preparation is the same as the first time.

• Cleaning and reducing the fortress grain brew.
After the obtained brew, it must be diluted to at least 52 degrees and can be less, but it is to taste.

     Moonshine should get rid of fusel oils and odors. You can apply double-distilled or purified by charcoal or achieve this by using potassium permanganate.
When cleaning use potassium permanganate, it must be dissolved in a cup and pour a little crystals in solution brew. After several days the mixture was stand up, will form black flakes. This suggests that there is a process of binding molecules fusel oils with potassium permanganate.

     After this brew should be filtered. Take a watering can, it is laid in layers wool and coal. Poured on top of one tablespoon baking soda and sugar.
A thin stream of moonshine passed through a filter. Usually the filter lasts for three liters of vodka.

 Before use, should be allowed to settle the bread brew, it will improve its taste. Under the rules of bread drink vodka need cooling.

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