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Recipe self-receiving home Calvados

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We get the exquisite home Calvados.

     Calvados - a strong alcoholic drink made from apples in the north-west of France. For a long time he was considered a "brandy" for the common people, it is not "advertised" the writer Erich Maria Remarque. With his light hand, this drink stood on a par with the most famous alcohol brands in the world.
Fans get their own alcohol using a moonshine still, we can recommend the classic method of producing calvados.

The recipe for obtaining this calvados apples.

     We will describe the technology for the production of Calvados of moonshine in the most approximate variant. To get the Calvados, you need only apples and moonshine. The fruit is carefully selected, so that did not rot, or can add an unpleasant taste. Let's get started.

We get the apple cider.

Take the selected apples and squeeze the juice from them. It is desirable that the apple juice was the minimum amount of pulp.
We put in a dark place and give to stand during the day. Remove the foam. Take a tube through which merge pure juice in a container where it will ferment. On the neck stretch the rubber glove with a small hole in the finger or the water seal. Put the container in a dark place where the temperature will podderzhiatsya at the level of 18 to 27 degrees and leave for a couple of months. After fermentation in the bottle is over, what will signal The fallen glove or water seal cease to allocate bubbles cider should be poured from the container into the moonshine. Overflow, avoid vzbalamuchivat sediment at the bottom, otherwise the taste of homemade calvados will be spoiled.

Getting apple brew with the help of moonshine.

We begin the process of obtaining moonshine. Initially, in the process of distillation, we select all the alcohol, while his castle falls to 30 degrees. That is, as a result of the first distillation we get moonshine, a fortress which will be about 35-40 degrees.
Getting a second distillation. To do this, the resulting brew is diluted with water to 20-30 degree fortress and fill in the moonshine.
For calvados of moonshine, only need to use the main "body" separate "head" and "tail". In the initial stage of distillation, when there is a "head" of the beverage, it has a lot of fusel oils, so it is separated and discarded. The "tail" - a lower alcohol content, about 30%, so it is also not necessary for a good calvados.
Having selected a quality fraction, we get the apple alcohol strength of 70-80 degrees.

Extract of apple vodka (and your patience) and receiving Calvados.

Remained the final stage, when the alcohol of moonshine is to turn into calvados. To do this, its "aging" in oak barrels. This is the classic version. House is quite difficult to do, so we use glass bottles stacked into planks of oak. Do not use sawdust and shavings, as they have an overabundance of tannins, which is bad for Calvados of moonshine.
Cooking plates with a thickness of five to eight mm and a length of up to one hundred to one hundred and fifty mm. Put their bottles or jars and fill with apple moonshine, which is pre-diluted with cold water to get Apple alcohol strength of 45 degrees. Very Close can and leave for six months - a year in a dark, cool place to drink "came."


A year later, taking a drink, it should be filtered and poured into bottles for storage, tightly closed their lids.

The resulting calvados can entertain friends and family who will enjoy its rich and delicious apple flavor.

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