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How to prepare chacha in the home of vodka

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How to prepare their own grape chacha.

     Caucasus is well known for its grape vodka - chacha. Before lunch, made to drink a small cup of this natural product. Nowadays, chacha, you can buy in the store or made at home. If you produce your own brew of chacha, you can fully control the quality of the product. The technology of Chachi is quite simple, and very much like the technology for producing alcohol using moonshine.

What is chacha?

     Under chacha, is considered to be a Georgian alcoholic beverage fortress 55-70 degrees derived from grapes, the distillation method. In essence, chacha, this grape moonshine. There are a number of similar products in other countries of the world: in Italy - grappa, in eastern Europe - brandy.

Ingredients for making Chachi using moonshine:
  • Prepare 10 liters of grape marc.
  • 5 kg of sugar.
  • 0.1 kg of dry yeast or 0.5 kg pressed.
  • 30 liters of pure water.
  • Also need a 50 liter glass bottle and moonshine /

     A small digression. In the preparation of this Chachi use sweet, southern grapes, fermentation takes place so actively and to refuse no added sugar and yeast. The median strip under vines not so sweet, so when cooking Chachi using moonshine, we add sugar and yeast. But even with this technology, we will get a quality as close as possible to the original drink.

Technology of preparation Chacha.

     Once you have pressed the grapes, whose juice can go on cooking wine, you formed pomace. The 50-liter glass bottle was put 10 liters of bagasse, sleep to 5 kg of sugar and yeast, which first need to dissolve in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.
Pour all ingredients warm water whose temperature must be from 20 to 25 degrees. Do not add hot water. In this case, the yeast bacteria die and the fermentation process is interrupted.

     Thoroughly mix. We put in a dark place to ferment for a period of 7-15 days. Every opening and stir for two days.
After the fermentation process is complete, which is to say the absence of bubbles and lightening composition can transgress to the production of vodka from grape mash. But first, the mixture should be filtered to a brewed apparatus not hit solids from burning and which can spoil the taste of the beverage.
Once filtered home-brewed beer, it is poured into the alembic, and begins the process of obtaining Chachi. It is pointed out that after the first distillation beverage smell is very specific, therefore it is necessary to apply a double distillation, then the output will be a wonderful home-brew grape - chacha.
After the second distillation chacha diluted with clean filtered water to the desired strength and bottled, which after sealing are sent for storage.

     This drink is the place in any holiday. For any table can be submitted to your friends Georgian chacha prepared with their own hands!

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