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Recipe mash of sugar at home

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Recipe mash of sugar

     Classical Braga preparing simple enough, does not require special ingredients. Traditionally - brewed beer is sugar, water and yeast. The output is supposed to be properly digested, passed through a distiller, and the clarified drink - a quality home-brew.

Mash right recipe of sugar and yeast - an exact proportion of ingredients:
  • sugar - 1 part;
  • Yeast - 0.1 parts;
  • 3.8-4.0 parts of water.

This is the recommended ratio, which is optimal for making home brew of sugar and continue to receive home-brew.
Taking the right amount of ingredients you can start the process itself.

Technology of preparation

1. Pour the sugar in a specially prepared container and pour cold water so that he was quite covered, and then stir it until completely dissolved.
2. The next component we recommend adding the yeast alcohol - a product is designed specifically for the creation of high-quality brew. Before use, they should be to soak in the water - the contents dissolve in the cooked syrup (50 g sugar per 1 liter of water). Temperature syrup - 30-35ºS, and the ratio of parts - 1:10. Stir until a homogeneous suspension and soak 30 minutes. Thereafter, the yeast ready to be shipped in the container after the sugar.
3. Next, you need to add water to achieve the required proportion, do not forget to leave enough space in the tank for the foam, which is formed in the fermentation process (approximately 5-10 per cent of the wort).
4. The resulting solution should be put in a warm place. Tightly close it is not necessary - the resulting pressure may cause the container to explode. To solve this problem is often used a special water seal, discharging the excess gases from the future Braga through the water, which prevents reverse flow of air.
5. Leave the resulting solution over a period of 3 to 10 days - this is the best time for fermentation. After this period you need to pour the substance into another container, trying not to hurt and not "stir up" the sediment.
Clarified Braga ready to eat - you can get moonshine, and start making the desired finished beverage fortress! Information - Output in the manufacture of the strongest 80-degree vodka (eg absinthe) the amount of the final product is about a tenth of the volume of mash sugar.

     Moonshine - a process that requires not only compliance with all regulations and proportions, but also mental approach to the process. Then the drink is obtained from the "soul" that can be a good reason to call to visit their friends and loved ones! Suppose you do not leave a good mood, and moonshine "Gorilych" will help you to create it!

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