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Recipe mash out of a jam in the home

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Braga out of a jam - fast and easy

     Home-brew - it is better "palёnoy" vodka and other "poison", which is full of the vast expanses of Russian shops, pavilions and garages. It is best to use what you have done and I am sure he is fully - a quality brew and allow you not to risk their health, and always have on hand a full bar with a variety of beverages made by our recipes.

     To brew is known to need a home-brewed beer. Recipes its great variety, but now we'll tell you about the home-made beer out of a jam. In any cellar or refrigerator is always overlooked some old cans of jam - do not disappear as good. Suitable any: sugar, raspberry, cherry, currant - if only to free from mold. This is the only strict requirement. Otherwise spoil the product.

Recipe mash out of a jam

To prepare the mash we need:
• 5 liters of water;
• liter of any jam with the lack of mold;
• 50 grams of yeast;
• 0,5 kg of sugar.

Water should be heated to 30º, then dissolve it in a jam. In a separate container, dissolve the yeast alcohol, pour in diluted jam, add sugar, stir with a wooden spoon or plastic. The resulting mixture for 5-7 days in a warm nook. On the neck of the container to wear thin medical gloves (anatomical), in which the pre-pierced with a needle hole. Through her will come out gases. You can use a water trap. To do this, put on the lid to the container, pre-drill a hole in it for the tube (for example, by a dropper). One end of the tube inserted into the hole, the other is omitted in the water tank. Thus, we eliminate the flow of air into the container with the future of Braga. When the glove is blown away, or go through the water seal cease gas bubbles - the fermentation process is complete, ready-brewed beer.

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