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Recipe for apricot schnapps from home

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    Schnapps is rightly called the national drink of Germany. In appearance it resembles Russian vodka with only one difference: the vodka does not have such a wonderful fresh scent. The preparation of any recipe schnapps requires some effort and expense, but they are far outweighed by its excellent taste. Natural juices, fruit extracts and fruit give the drink elegance and sophistication, leaving a unique aftertaste. There is no dearth of recipes for the preparation of the drink. We offer the most simple - apricot.

Necessary ingredients:
  • ripe apricots - 10 kg;
  • water - 8-9 liters.

Technology of preparation of this schnapps:

      Apricots are exempt from seed. Not mine, since on the surface of the skin, "living" necessary for yeast fermentation. Knead until smooth state, we shift into a container and added to 3 liters of water. tank opening cover with gauze, bandages, leave in a warm dark place for 3-4 days. When the fermentation process begins, add 5-7 liters of water and mix well. Install water seal. Capacity to leave home brew in the room at a temperature not lower than 26-28 degrees.
Fermentation is long, about a month, as in this recipe schnapps do without sugar and yeast. At the end of fermentation Braga distilled. For this purpose, better to buy moonshine "Gorilych" - compact and easy to use. The first 100 ml of distillate are not suitable for use because it contained harmful substances.

    Then we collect the product as long as the castle has fallen to 38 degrees. Content is diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 1 and again on the distilled moonshine. Ready snaps keep 3-5 days in a glass container, away from daylight and sunlight. After this time was diluted to the required strength and continue to hold up to the arrival of guests who will appreciate the taste quality of the schnapps.

      Savor a real schnapps in a circle of good company and get real pleasure with saving money! But remember that excessive alcohol consumption can damage your health.

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