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How to make plum brandy

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Making classical plum brandy.

      In the countries of South-eastern Europe: Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and the Czech Republic a strong brew obtained from the fruit of plum, called slivovitz, and is the national drink. She decided to treat all visitors and tourists even treat various diseases.

     In our country, almost everywhere it grows plums, so you should know how to make plum brandy at home.

     Brandy or plum brandy, called a strong alcoholic beverage made from plum fruits, by distillation in a double moonshine and sustained for some time in oak barrels. The classic way of cooking, when the plum turns yellowish color and characteristic flavor of plum, it is the exposure during the five-year period. At home, few people can withstand such a long time, so this plum "Brandy" turns transparent, with less dedicated plum flavor.
Since 2007, Serbia alone has the right to produce a drink called "rakia", received the patent. Now the name "Brandy", as well as champagne and cognac, is essentially a brand.
     In the classical preparation of the drink are used only berries plums and clear water. True, not the sunny summer, when not sufficiently sweet berries to support fermentation, the sugar should be added in Braga. But it does not get too zealous, because the more sugar, no more the end product of this plum brandy. It just would be a good plum moonshine.

Recipe for plum brandy:

Take a good 11 kg of ripe plums. Variety may be any, as long as the drain was a sweet, rotten and the bone can be easily separated.
8 liters of pure water.
If the drain is not very sweet, you have to add sugar, which is not very desirable.

The technology of plum brandy using moonshine.
  • Prepare the fruit of plum.

We select the most ripe, sweet, not rotten fruit. Do not crush, wipe with a dry cloth. Separate the bone. These fruits are carefully ground in a slurry. You can use a food processor, meat grinder or a drill with a special nozzle.
  • Bookmark the fruit to ferment.

Before laying in a bottle, you should try the resulting wort taste. It should be sweet. If this is not the case, the sugar should be added. It is added in small portions, mixing thoroughly. Important to ensure that the harvesting was slightly sweet.
Close container with gauze and put on a night in a dark, warm place. If one day, on top of a slurry bubble appeared, then everything is fine, and the process of fermentation began. If fermentation is not started, it should also add sugar and leave for 12 hours.
Transfused gruel in a bottle, which will be prepared plum wine, from which then, using moonshine, we will prepare a plum brandy. Add water, mix thoroughly, install a water seal.
  • The fermentation process.

Put the bottle in a warm dark place for up to a month. At this time there is an active process of fermentation, as indicated by bubbles in the fermentation lock. Once Braga cease to allocate gas, it is necessary to go to the next step - distillation moonshine.
  • Getting cancers with moonshine.

To obtain high-quality plum brandy, to apply a double distillation. In order to hit the drink in a minimal amount of fusel oil, and he had no odor, should be separated "head" and "tails". After a double distillation in moonshine, get a quality drink, the fortress of 55-60 degrees.
Bottled, pre-diluted with pure water to 45 degree fort. You should get 1-1.5 liters of plum brandy.

      Due to its taste and strength, plum perfectly plays the role of an appetizer. It is not necessary to have a snack first drink, it will give the opportunity to fully experience its flavor. You can not add to drink juice or other alcoholic beverages. You may receive an unpleasant metallic taste.

      In the Balkan countries, it should be served to the shrine toasted bread made from corn. But it is great, and other products that are eaten when drinking spirits.

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