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Three ways to prepare homemade moonshine whiskey from.

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    Alcohol obtained by the moonshine, and classical temples, have much in common. A differ in that in the production of vodka use sugar and the production of whiskey - cereals. In addition to whiskey got its own unique flavor, it should withstand a certain time in oak barrels.

     The similarity of moonshine whiskey and pushed the Russian "Kulibin" the idea to imitate the famous British drink. There are a few ways to get out of moonshine whiskey, and the technology is so good that not all drinkers "Russian" of whiskey, can distinguish it from a real British "source code."

     Of course, you should understand that the preparation of alcoholic drink is not whiskey, but only very like him, because at home is very difficult to reproduce the correct whiskey manufacturing technology.

     First of all, we must try to get the brew is not sugar, and wheat-based. This will make your whiskey more similar to the original. But if this is not possible, you can use the moonshine and the sugar. In any case, it is desirable to have alcohol obtained by brewed apparatus, a double distillation and it well filter using soda, potassium permanganate and filter to get rid of excess (but in any case, not all - otherwise it would be for whiskey?) fusels.
To whiskey purchased his light brown or yellow, it is kept in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Of course, if you have such opportunities, you can try to repeat the technique. But we go the other way.

 Recipe №1.

This is the easiest way to simulate the taste and smell of the whiskey.
You need:
  • 3 liters of 45 degree moonshine.
  • 3 tablespoons of oak bark.
  • Order 50-100 gr. charcoal.
  • 7-9 fruits prunes.
  • oak bark can be purchased at the pharmacy. Coal - the store or do it yourself. Material for its production - is not important.

A method for preparing a whiskey-based moonshine:

Make sure that the brew had the fortress is 45 degrees. If this is correct then, the quality of the drink worse.

Charcoal crush dust.

Put in a three-liter jar three tablespoons of oak bark, crushed charcoal, plum and berries. Pour all the ingredients to brew the middle banks, and mix thoroughly. Pour the rest of the jar of moonshine. Pour on the very cover to leave no room for air.
Cover tightly and place in a warm dark place for 10-15 days. Dwell time is important. The longer the brew will insist, the more it will look like a real whiskey.
Before use, the filter should drink, using cotton-gauze filter.

Recipe №2.

This method simulates aging in oak barrels.

This technology is more complex than the previous one, but allows you to get more like the original drink.
Using the moonshine, you must obtain alcohol strength not less than 65 degrees Celsius.
Sales in the hardware store or on the market of oak planks.

 A method of simulating aging in oak barrels in the manufacture of moonshine whiskey.

Cut into small pieces oak boards to length, they were not more than ¾ height cans.
Wrap preform in a metal foil and fry in the oven for 3-4 hours. By setting different temperatures, you can get different smells imitating:

Light oak flavor - 120 degrees Celsius.
Pronounced oak flavor - 150 degrees Celsius
The aroma of vanilla - 205 degrees Celsius
With the addition of smoke flavor - 215 degrees Celsius
With the addition of almond taste - 270 degrees Celsius

The pieces of wood should be carefully wrapped, preventing availability, otherwise the room will be a lot of smoke.
With the help of a gas burner to burn oak plank, achieving so that they almost charred on the surface.
In a clean jar put three or four blank to fill in moonshine and close tightly.
The drink should be kept in a dark, cool place for at least 3-4 months, and preferably for a year, much will improve its flavor characteristics.
Recipe №3.

     It is not much different from the previous method, but instead of bars, used the bark, sawdust and shavings of oak planks. In order to reduce the amount of tannin, which fall into the drink from sawdust, they must be pre-heat treated. This is done by means of boiling water, which is poured sawdust, and then allowed to cool boiled water and poured it. So three times. The training dates opportunity to receive high-quality imitation of a well-aged whiskey.

      But, of course, it is worth remembering that all of these methods allow you to try the spirits, but very similar to British whiskey. But the taste and appearance of the homemade "whiskey", for sure, you will like it more than many varieties of so-called "original" drinks that are sold in most of our stores.

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