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How to prepare pear moonshine

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Two ways to brew pear.

 Ability to maintain its pear flavor makes it possible to obtain high-quality fragrant brew. There are two ways to obtain the alcohol using pear brewed apparatus: a recipe used in sugar and yeast, and in the other - no.
 Manufacturing technology of pear vodka with yeast.

 If the manufacture of mash add sugar and yeast, then upon receipt of alcohol by means of moonshine, will significantly increase the volume of the resulting beverage, with the typical pear aroma will be present.

  • Bucket of pears (about 12 kg);
  • 0.1 kg of dry yeast or 0.5 pressed. Be sure to read the instructions on how to breed them, otherwise you can ruin all the fruits and do not get quality brew.
  • 4 kg of granulated sugar.


Pears are carefully selected, throw rotten, washed, finely cut, cutting seeds, rot and stalk.
With the blender pears crush into a homogeneous mass.
Milled fruits placed in a bottle, where it will ferment raw materials.
Take a bucket of clean warm water and pour it into the bottle.
Another bucket of water heated to 25-30 gr. C and a solution of 4 kg of granulated sugar.
Pour the sugar water in the feedstock.
In accordance with instructions to dissolve the yeast and add it to the feed. The whole was mixed. It is necessary to ensure that the sugar and yeast and is readily soluble.

     Closed container placed in a dark warm place for one or two weeks. Stir every day twice ..
After the fermentation process is over you need to merge brew, separating the precipitate. Do this gently to sediment particles were not included in the moonshine, they're the foothills and spoil the taste of moonshine.
Pour the raw materials in moonshine. The distillation process is no different from the distillation of sugar-based mash.
Should get about six gallons of moonshine. His strength will be about 40 degrees. To remove fusel oils and other harmful substances, it should be clear liquor from coal or potassium permanganate, and then filtered through cotton-gauze filter.
Manufacturing technology "perry" no added sugar and yeast.

 Some experts believe that the real pear moonshine can not be obtained using the yeast and sugar. Of course, it is technologically difficult, the yield of the final product is much less, but you are guaranteed to get a natural high quality product, if the same will be using modern moonshine.

 To get the full "perry" take:
  • Pears bucket (10 kg);
  • A bucket of water (10 liters).
  • Manufacturing technology "perry".

Collect pears in dry weather, sort, cut into small pieces, removing the core. Pear collected in any case can not be washed. If they are very dirty, wipe it with a dry cloth.
With a meat grinder or blender grind fruit into a homogeneous mass.
The resulting raw material placed in the container. Throat bottle bandage gauze and put on a few days in a dark room.
As soon as the fermentation, what is indicated by the appearance of sharp odor, foam, hiss, raw material shift in the tank where it will ferment and pour a bucket of water, then mix well.

Since this recipe no yeast and sugar, so fermentation will take place is not very intense. To process was correct, it is necessary to restrict the access of oxygen. To do this, set the fermentation vessel water seal that prevents Brahe sour.
Put a vessel with home brew in a warm, dark place for 15-20 days.
After fermentation stops and brighten brew, it must be filtered to obtain a mass prepared without any precipitate.
Prepare moonshine and place the pear brew.
Start the process of distillation as usual, separating the "head" and chopping off the "tails". At the output should have up to 2 liters excellent, fragrant, 40 degree "perry".

As you can see, in getting pear vodka is no big deal. The main thing - to have a high-quality raw materials, modern moonshine and accurately follow the instructions, and then you will be able to taste the natural alcoholic drink with a taste of Duchess.

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