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The rectifying columns "Gorilych"

The "Gorilych" rectifying column is a professional level device that differs from more simple home-made devices in that it makes it possible to receive raw spirit alcohol with a strength of up to 96% at home without unnecessary costs.

    Rectification of the feedstock increases the purification rate of the final drink, and thanks to the presence of a highly effective reflux condenser, there is not even a hint of the smell or taste of moonshine. Moreover, thanks to the rectifier at home, you can get not only alcohol, but also prepare various strong alcoholic beverages from it. We offer units manufactured in factory conditions, in compliance with the highest requirements for product quality and production technologies. The structure of the columns is made of stainless food steel, the seams are welded by automatic welding, which ensures the absolute tightness of the joints. The device has a completely flat bottom, many models have a multi-layer bottom sandwich for use on induction cookers. You can buy rectification columns for personal use and as a gift to a close person - certainly, he will appreciate not only the functionality of such a gift, but also its impeccable appearance.

    The rectifying columns "Gorilych" are high quality, safety and guaranteed result!
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Rectification column "Gorilych" 12 liters
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Rectification column "Gorilych" 21 liters
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Rectification column "Gorilych" 12/110/t
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Rectification column "Gorilych" 15/110/t
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Rectification column "Gorilych" 20/110/t
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Rectification column "Gorilych" 30/110/t
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Element of a film distillation column
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