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Cheap moonshine still kits "Gorilych" - luxury 30/110/t

Cheap moonshine still kits "Gorilych" - luxury 30/110/t
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"Gorilych" luxury 30/110/t is the domestic beverage lovers who do not like to waste time searching for new experiences, and plans to get the most out of the equipment purchased. The volume of the cube in the distillation of 30 liters is probably the largest for this class of equipment that one person can lift without risk of injury. More Braga - more finished product, so this model is recommended to anyone who loves to share the prepared distillate with friends and family.

The principle of operation of the equipment
Moonshine is different from conventional distillers, it is set reflux. Its presence in the construction gives two advantages: ready to drink becomes stronger and more pure. The vapor fractions with light rises, it is cooled in the dephlegmator to the walls on which the liquid film is formed, returning to the cube. Constant contact of vapor and liquid results in that the light fraction (alcohol) are selected and enter into the receptacle, and heavy (fusel oils) are in the cube.
If you want to keep the original product notes, but to get a drink, purity approaching rectified spirit, is an excellent choice to be the moonshine. Buy it possible for the preparation of distillates made from sugar, malt, grapes.

Benefits range "Gorilych" luxury
The official website contains all of the model line suite. They are made of stainless steel, so you can not be afraid of falling into the alcohol harmful impurities and oxides. Shelf life of the equipment is practically unlimited, no matter how strong Braga or raw alcohol does not surpass, stainless steel is chemically inert. Buy moonshine "Gorilych" luxury 30/110/t is those who do not want to waste their time on welding work, search the necessary blanks and tools.
The buyer receives a completely ready-to-use device, you can simply pour it in Braga and start the process of getting a home-brew. As at the Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus organized mass production, you can purchase inexpensive moonshine. It will definitely be cheaper than trying to make it on their own, even without taking into account the time spent.
And alembic, and he distiller equipped with an accurate thermometer. This allows precise control of the process of distillation and getting control of the various fractions in a container ready to brew. After some experience, you can be guided only by the thermometer to operate the equipment without the organoleptic properties of samples, as evidenced by the reviews.

How to order equipment
Website moonshine allows you to purchase your favorite model for a few minutes. It supports all popular payment methods - bank cards, electronic cash, cash on delivery upon receipt. If for any reason the equipment is not like - you can return and get a refund. Pick up order can be in one of the regional offices, we can also organize a courier or bring it with a transportation company in any part of Russia.


Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 4.30кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 40.00см x 35.00см x 35.00см
Fortress of the finished product up to 70 %
Material Stainless steel
Productiveness up to 1 liter/hour
Reflux condenser Built-in
Set of silicone gaskets there is
The height of the assembly 90 sm
Volume of the distillation cube 30 liters
Warranty of the factory 1 year
The diameter of the throat 110 mm
Thermometer 2 pcs
Cooler there is
Steam-dome Built-in
Ethanol level device no
Hoses for water supply no
The faucet’s adapter for the hose no
The product’s passport/documentation there is
Packing box there is



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