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Alcohol distillation equipment Gorilych - Popular

Alcohol distillation equipment Gorilych - Popular
Chelyabinsk distillery plant has developed a new line of equipment for home-brewing masters, creatively suited to the process of making home beverages. Gorilych "Narodny" is made on modern equipment, has a traditional design and excellent quality of the treated surfaces. All elements of the home-made device are made of food grade stainless steel, so you can be sure that there are no impurities in the strong drinks prepared on it.
The model range includes devices with a volume of a distillation cube of 12.15 and 20 liters. Depending on the expected volumes of consumption and the possibilities for moving loads in the home kitchen or cottage, you can choose the appropriate volume on the site of the moonshine. In principle, even the youngest model is enough to provide for themselves and friends with a high-purity home-brew.

Constructive features Gorilich "Narodny"
Serious manufacturers of moonshine machines do not save on metal, so the thickness of the walls of Gorilich "Narodnogo" is at least 1 mm. Any of the models can be used with various heating sources - gas stove, electric and induction cookers. The possibility of heating on induction cookers can significantly reduce the cost of electricity, and therefore further reduce the cost of the resulting moonshine.
The main "chip" of this series of equipment is two dry-cells, connected in series. Those who insisted moonshine on herbs or spices noticed that often the smell of herbs completely clogs the taste of the drink, dominating the rest of the notes. If you install the necessary herbs, fruit and other sources of flavor in the dry-spirits, the evaporating vapors of alcohol will take up the molecules of aromatic additives, but their concentration will be much lower than when infused. At the same time, there will be a light note of smell in the taste, decorating moonshine. It is for this reason that Gorilych "Narodnyi" makes it possible to conduct bold experiments. Regardless of the region of Russia, everyone is rich in herbs, berries and fruits. All this raw materials can be used to aromatize any moonshine, getting an author's drink.

The refrigerator is connected to the dry cells by a quick-release connection, and it is possible to turn the refrigerator around the apparatus. This is especially convenient for small kitchens.
Since the production of pure moonshine is impossible without fractional distillation, each specimen is equipped with a built-in thermometer to monitor the process of distillation and the selection of harmful fractions. The neck with a diameter of 60 mm facilitates the process of cleaning the distiller after the completion of work, so the line of equipment "Narodny" is suitable not only for sugar raw materials, but also for fruit and berry or grain.

Advantages of the lineup

Gorilovich "Narodny" is the best home-made device for those who are interested in experimenting with new tastes. Productivity reaches 1 liter per hour, this is quite enough for home use.

The main advantage of the line is the factory quality and the guarantee of the official manufacturer. Regardless of the volume, the devices are reliable and safe to use, when buying in the online store of moonshine machines provides for the possibility of a full refund of money, if for some reason the purchase did not fit the customer.
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