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Alcohol mashine "Gorilych" Universal

Alcohol mashine "Gorilych" Universal
Self-made devices of the "Universal" series are perhaps the best set of equipment in order to begin acquaintance with the production of strong alcohol at home. The design of the apparatus allows to obtain distillates of consistently high quality without experience and deep knowledge of process technology. The advantages of the equipment in this series include:
  • Ease of operation, even a beginner will easily cope with the distillation of moonshine from any kind of raw materials. In the "Universal" has everything you need to control and control the distillation, the standard set includes two thermometers - the owner in real time observes the processes in the device.
  • Safe construction - only food stainless steel is used for production, all welds are made on automatic lines and do not become a source of corrosion. Any device can be ordered with a safety valve, releasing excess pressure.
  • The modular design allows creating several types of apparatuses on the basis of one distillation cube: a moonshine or a brave column, the cost of modernization will be minimal. It is enough to buy a pair of a king and a dephlegmator - and you can get chemically pure spirit in your own kitchen, not inferior to the brands "Extra" and "Lux".
  • Clamp connections reduce the time spent by the owner - it takes only a few minutes to assemble and disassemble the device (it does not require a wrench, as in the tightening of threaded connections), while ensuring complete tightness, without vapor leaks.
Most of the moonshine series "Universal" can be used with induction tiles, this reduces the cost of electricity, in addition, the surface of the tile does not heat up, so its surface is safe from the standpoint of fire safety.
Serial equipment from a large Russian enterprise is more convenient to use than Chinese hand-made articles made from pressure cookers or handicrafts from materials that come hand in hand. Depending on the type of raw materials and the complexity of cleaning the cube after distillation, you can pick up the home-made apparatus "Universal" with a neck from 110 to 300 mm. Most units can be equipped with additional nozzles with the help of a configurator, for making different types of drinks.
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Alcohol mashine Universal 12/250/t
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Alcohol mashine Universal 21/300/t
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Alcohol mashine Universal 12/110/t
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Alcohol mashine Universal 15/110/t
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Alcohol mashine Universal 20/110/t
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Alcohol mashine Universal 30/110/t
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Alcohol mashine Universal 40/110/t
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Element of the alcohol mashine Universal
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A 20 cm tsar with a CLAMP connection for the moonshine
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A 100 cm tsar with a CLAMP connection for the moonshine
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A 40 cm tsar with a CLAMP connection for the moonshine
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Cooler with CLAMP connection
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Reflux condenser "Gorilych" with a CLAMP compound
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Cover for a still cube with a neck of 110 mm
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