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Moonshine Gorilych household "Cottage" - Export

Moonshine Gorilych household "Cottage" - Export
    Moonshine Gorilych "Summer" series of export - a real treasure for all lovers of top-quality alcoholic beverages. Due to the high performance of the device it can be used to get two liters of pure rum, whiskey, and other home-brew, not applying to this effort.

    Such moonshine you can buy for yourself or as a gift - anyone to whom you will present it, will appreciate the capabilities of the device, as well as its perfect appearance. Produced this wonderful assistant of stainless steel in the factory, so when you purchase you will be given 12 months warranty.

     Construction of the distillation of the cube is reliable and absolutely tight, because all seams are welded on it automatic welding. The flat bottom allows you to prepare alcoholic beverages on the plates of all types, as well as providing stability to the device surface. Factory equipment provides for stills of different volumes and the cooling coil. The design is equipped with a safety valve that makes the process of preparation of alcoholic drinks is completely safe.

    The above characteristics should be enough to make you want to buy moonshine Gorilych series "Suburban" Export Now. Especially in the "CHZDA" online store you can do at a low price, and the purchase of cash on delivery - that is, without any risk. By the way, the export version of the product performance - a great gift, because it is set in an elegant gift box!
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